Building Permits, Applications and Forms

A building permit is required prior to commencing construction for most structures (residential, commercial or industrial) including but not limited to new works, additions, alterations, commercial fitouts and refurbishments, changes to ground levels, swimming pools, spas and pool barriers.

The Town of East Fremantle uses the services of a part-time Sub Contractor Building Surveyor.

Building Fact Sheet

Applying for a Building Permit

  • Anyone can apply for a building permit, the owner, builder, designer, building surveyor or any other person. 
  • The applicant provides details of the person responsible for the work, ie the builder in the application form. 
  • The builder takes responsibility for ensuring the construction complies with the applicable building standards and the provisions in the building permit.
  • An application can be made for a building or one or more stages of a building.
  • There are two types of building permit applications, “Certified” and “Uncertified”.


certified application must be accompanied by a signed Certificate of Design Compliance and can be made for any class of building and incidental structure.

Applications for Class 1b and Class 2 to Class 9 buildings must be made as Certified applications whereas this is optional for Class 1a and 10 buildings and incidental structures.

An independent building surveyor is appointed by the applicant to check the proposal and provide a Certificate of Design Compliance for lodgement with the permit authority along with other relevant documentation.

The permit authority has 10 business days to decide on a Certified application.


An Uncertified application is submitted to the permit authority without a Certificate of Design Compliance and can only be made for Class 1a and Class 10 buildings and incidental structures.

The permit authority has 25 business days to decide on an uncertified application. 


  • a Certificate of Design Compliance (BA3) only when applying for a Certified applications;
  • copies of all relevant plans and specifications;
  • evidence of the following authorities under written law as relevant to the building or incidental structure (r.18) —
  • if the building work involves the construction or installation of any apparatus for the treatment of sewage as defined in the Health Act 1911 section 3(1), the approval required under section 107(2)(a) or (b) of that Act;
  • if the building work is development as defined in the Planning and Development Act 2005 section 4, each approval required under that Act in relation to the work such as a copy of the planning approval or its reference number; 
  • if the building work involves the construction, alteration or extension of an aquatic facility as defined in the Health (Aquatic Facilities) Regulations 2007 regulation 4, the approval required under Part 2 Division 1 of those regulations;
    • evidence that notification of the name, address and contact number of the applicant for a building permit and the name of the permit authority to which the application is made has been given to the Heritage Council of Western Australia if the place to which the application relates (r. 18(3)(a)) —
  • is subject to a Heritage Agreement made under the Heritage Act section 29;
  • is entered in the Register of Heritage Places established under the Heritage Act section 46;
  • is subject to a Conservation Order under the Heritage Act section 59; or
  • is subject to an Order in Council made under the Heritage Act section
  • appropriate consent forms or court order where work encroaches onto or adversely affects other land;
  • evidence that the required insurance provisions under the Home Building Contracts Act 1991 have been met (where applicable). Click here for further information;
  • payment of the prescribed fee and levy; and
  • evidence of owner-builder approval from the Building Services Board (if applicable).

The approval process will be quicker and more effective if a complete application is submitted to the permit authority. A permit authority must not grant the building permit unless it is satisfied as to each of the matters mentioned in s.20, which includes the information above.

The fees cover the cost of assessment, regardless of the outcome. There is no refund of fees on refusal.


A permit authority may impose, add, vary or revoke conditions on a building permit. Any conditions must relate to the particular building work rather than to work of that kind generally. Importantly those conditions cannot modify the Certificate of Design Compliance or the plans and specifications that are specified in that certificate.

Applicants may apply to the State Administrative Tribunal for a review of the decision of the permit authority in relation to a condition imposed on the grant of a building permit.


During construction some circumstances may arise that require changes or variations to the plans and specifications. Some minor changes may not require any amendment to the plans and specifications. Other changes or variations may require a certificate of design compliance if the changes affect compliance with the building standards. Accordingly a new building permit may be required to reflect those changes. The new building permit may cover the changes only and the previous building permit still covers the other works.

However where there are substantial changes or variations to the design or construction of the building or incidental structure, a new building permit for all the works may be warranted. This ensures that an accurate building record is maintained for that building or incidental structure.


A permit authority may set any validity period for a permit. This is usually done at the request of the applicant. Where the permit authority does not set a validity period, the default is two years. If a project takes longer than expected, an application to extend the permit (BA22) can be submitted to the relevant permit authority.


Whilst not all building permit applications will need consideration by your neighbour, the Town encourages land owners and/or applicants to discuss proposals with neighbours that may be impacted by building works.

If part of the works encroach or adversely affect an adjoining property a BA20 form will be required by the adjoining land owner. In these instances, a BA20 form is required to be submitted with your building permit.

In some instances, neighbour approval is required but does not need to be submitted with your building permit application or to be submitted to the Town. This is known as a BA20A form. This includes removing a fence to allow building work to occur.

Further information on neighbour consent requirements for a building permit is available from the Department Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety 

Applying for a Demolition Permit

  • A demolition permit is required prior to the demolition of any major structure. 
  • A permit is not required for the demolition of incidental structures such as patios, pergolas and garden sheds.
  • If the demolition works is likely to encroach or adversely affect adjoining land, you will be required to notify and gain consent of the adjoining land owner(s) prior to demolition permit being granted and the work commencing.
  • Development approval may be required if demolition works are located in a heritage-protected place. 

Please note: A demolition permit cannot be issued until a development approval has been granted (where required). 

Application Requirements

To obtain a Demolition Permit, the Town requires the submission to include the following:

Demolition Permit Application Form and Fees

Demolition Permit Application Form must be completed and signed by all property owners and the demolition contractor. 

The permit fee must be included with your application. 

Demolition Fee Calculator July 2021

Infrastructure Bond and Verge Inspection Fee  

Payment of an Infrastructure Bond is required for all Building and Demolition Permits issued.  The bond is $2,000 per property or $3,000 if the property is located on a corner lot.

The bond is refundable upon completion of works and restoration of all Town property prior to application.  

Please note the Town will undertake a site inspection prior to Council approval to refund the bond. The fee for this inspection is $50 and is required to be paid prior to inspection.  

Site Plan (with existing building/s and scale)

Details of buildings to be demolished and retained (partial demolition only) are to be provided.

Rat Bait Certificate

A Letter or Certificate from a Pest Inspector confirming the property has been rat baited. Rat baiting is required to be undertaken in all the main structures to be demolished. 

Disconnection of services

All services are required to be disconnected prior to the issue of a Demolition Permit including Alinta Gas, Western Power, Water Corporation and Telstra. 

BCITF Levy Form or BCITF receipt

The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund (BCITF) is only required to be paid for applications with a contract value that is over $20,000 (cost of development including GST). Please pay directly to BCITF and supply a receipt from BCITF as proof of the payment. The forms are available from BCITF or from front reception at the Town office. 

Certificate of Title

A Certificate of Title is an official land ownership record and gives you:

  • current ownership details
  • volume and folio
  • survey plan number and type
  • document numbers for encumbrances and notifications
  • whether there is a caveat against the title.

You can order a copy of the Certificate of Title from Landgate 

Demolition of Buildings Containing Asbestos

Demolition of buildings containing asbestos are required to have the asbestos removed in accordance with the requirements of the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1994.  

Submit application:

Applications can be lodged by:

Application Forms and Guides

Building Application Forms 

Please see below the list of forms - click on the title of the form to download.  These forms are updated from time to time by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety. 

For all enquiries, please contact the Town's Regulatory Services section on (08) 9339 9339 or email 

BA1 – Application for building permit certified

BA2 – Application for building permit uncertified

BA3 – Certificate of Design Compliance

BA5 – Application for demolition permit

BA7 – Notice of completion

BA8 – Notice of cessation

BA9 – Application for occupancy permit

BA13 – Application for building approval certificate

BA19 – Request to amend builder’s details

Building Act Guidance Note - Amending a building permit or builder's details

BA20 – Notice and request for consent to encroach or adversely affect

BA20A – Notice and request for consent for protection structures, party walls, removal of fences, access to land

BA22 – Application to extend time – building or demolition permit

BA23 – Application to extend time – occupancy permit or building approval certificate

BA24 – Application for modification or non-application of building standards

Other Related Application Forms 

Application for materials on verge permit


Certified Building Application Checklist

Uncertified Building Application Checklist

Unauthorised Works Checklist

Building Guides and publications

A guide to the building approvals process

Guide to lodge a Certified application

Guide to lodge an Uncertified application

Guide to lodge a Demolition permit application

Guide to lodge an Occupancy permit application

Work affecting other land  

Changing your roof cover?

How to submit a building or demolition application

Applications can be lodged by:

Fees and charges

Planning & Building Fee Calculator

Demolition Fee Calculator

Unauthorised Works Calculator

Building fees schedule 2021/22  

Building Credit Card Authorisation Form

Infrastructure Bonds

Payment of an Infrastructure Bond is required for all Building and Demolition Permits issued. The following bond is payable:

Value of works under $20,000 - $1,500 bond

Value of works $20,000 - $100,000 - $3,000 bond

Corner lot or value of works $100,001 - $2 million - $5,000 bond

Value of works over $2 million - Price based on replacement costs of adjacent Council assets, calculated by Executive Manager Technical Services 

The bond is refundable upon completion of works and restoration of all Town property prior to application.  To apply for the bond refund a Bond Refund Request Form is to be completed and submitted with a Notice of Completion BA7 Form.

Please note the Town will undertake a site inspection prior to Council approval to refund the bond. The fee for this inspection is $50 and is required to be paid prior to inspection.  To make a payment, contact the Town of East Fremantle via phone (08) 9339 9339.

Infrastructure Bond Refund Request Form

BA7 Notice of Completion   

Materials on Verge Permit

The Town has the authority to allow the use of the City's road reserve for the storage of certain materials including conditions on how the verge area is used. 

It is an offence to place anything in the verge area without the Town's approval. To obtain approval to use the verge during building, demolition or development works, please complete an Application to Place Materials on Verge Permit.

A minimum fee of $100 will be charged for a verge permit and is valid for 3 months from the date of approval.

Please note that a verge permit will only be issued where there is limited space due to the size of the lot or the nature of the building design. 

Sea Container Placement Permit

If you wish to temporarily place a sea container on a Town verge, you will need to obtain a Sea Container Placement Permit. 

The permit fee is $48.90.

A new fee of $12.80 will be charged for a Sea Container Permit Extension.

Sea Container Placement Permit Application Form - please ensure this is completed and submitted prior to a Sea Container being delivered on site.   

Skip Bin Permit

If you require a Skip Bin on site at any time not just during building construction you can apply for a permit.  The permit fee is $48.90.

A standard permit will be issued for a maximum of 4 weeks. 

An extension may be requested and a new fee of $12.80 will be charged for a Skip Bin Permit Extension. The extension will be conditional after an inspection of the area.

Skip Bin Permit Application Form - please ensure this is completed and submitted prior to a Skip Bin being delivered on site.  

Please allow up to four business days for your application to be processed.   

Form can be emailed to