Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

The Town's Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has been officially accredited by Reconciliation Australia.

Please view a copy via the below button:

Reflect RAP Flipbook

Our Reflect RAP Artwork

The artwork featured throughout our Reflect RAP was created by Yabini Kickett.

Please read Yabini's description of the artwork below.

Reflect RAP Artwork - Yabini Kickett

Yabini Kickett - “This artwork was commissioned by the Town of East Fremantle for their RAP in 2022, it features several icons I’ve come to associate with the area after having spent some time working with local community in the past couple of months.

The Swan River (specifically the portion seen within the Town of East Fremantle) runs through the centre of this illustration, as from all my chats with local residents there’s a strong connection and pride tied to the proximity of the river.

A pelican is in reference to the Niergarup Track, and the general abundance of the large water birds - on most morning walks along the foreshore I saw several either on the river or perched nearby.

Lastly, a large Tuart and Acacia cyclops (Wilyawa) seeds. Personally I find them to be a real connective tissue on coastal Nyoongar country - they stand tall and create habitat
for many birds, lizards, insects and fungi. Tuarts are some of the last remaining original upper story tree species within East Fremantle, and I guarantee the surviving trees have seen more than we could ever imagine. They’re a reminder of the past but also resilience and strength.”