Know Thy Neighbour # 3 (2021-23)

Presented by Spaced with the University of Western Australia, School of Design

Know Thy Neighbour #3 is a provocation to the familiarity of place, asking communities to step outside of familiar engagements and locations; to seek out scenarios or contexts that defamiliarize and recontextualise "the local" for audiences, communities, or the artists themselves and ask how we can meaningfully engage in the making of our cities.

Know Thy Neighbour #3 will investigate notions of place, sites of interest, networks, and social relationships with partner communities.

Introducing our Know Thy Neighbour #3 Artist, Yabini Kickett

Artist: Yabini Kickett (She/Her)
Work in progress
Location: Town of East Fremantle, Western Australia
Community partner: Town of East Fremantle

About the Artist

Yabini Kickett (Esther McDowell) is a descendant of the Kickett and Hayden families of the Bibulmun/Noongar Nation. Having grown up with an artist and poet mother, as well as a photographer and land conservationist father, her practice is heavily rooted in language, endemic plants, family, totemic relations and found objects from country. In late 2017 Yabini participated in the National Indigenous Arts Leadership program at the National Gallery, this experience helped foster lasting relationships and deeply encouraged her to pursue working within Visual Arts. Currently Yabini is experimenting with textiles, and found objects, with a focus on animal remains from hunting and roadkill. The resulting works are often about place and the solastalgia associated with the destruction of country.

Yabini's intentions are to leverage the Town’s proximity to the coast to help draw other’s attention to the smaller things in our surroundings. This will be an opportunity to connect with the community in East Fremantle, specifically Richmond Primary School, and encourage them to consider their local environments, how they looked in the past and where they are now.