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For missed bin collections, please call Veolia on 9350 7189

Three Bin FOGO System 

The Three-Bin Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) system was rolled out to the Town of East Fremantle in July 2019. The FOGO waste service provides a separate bin for the collection of food waste and garden waste to create a high quality compost which is available to residents at the Fremantle Recycling Centre.

The FOGO system provides residents with greater separation for their household waste, increasing diversion from landfill and avoiding organic waste going to landfill producing harmful methane gas.

 2023-2024 Waste Calendar 

Public Holiday Collection - Christmas and New Year 

Due to the Christmas and New Year public holidays, regular bin collection days will be altered. The altered collection format is detailed below: 

Needing Bins? 

New Properties and Additional Bins 

Please complete the below form if you have a new property requiring a bin service.

Please complete the below form if you require an additional bin or would like to cancel an additional bin service.

Completed forms can be returned to  If you have a damaged/missing bin under normal circumstances the Town will action requests within 3 working days.  If your current bin is damaged, please ensure the bin is left on the verge or in an easily visible and accessible location to avoid any delays in repairs or replacement.

Bin Request Form - New Property or Additional Bin / Cancellation

Increase in Capacity 

If you wish to request an increase in capacity for your (recycling, FOGO, or general waste) bin please email the Town at

Please allow up to 4 weeks for staff to investigate and respond.

Broken or Missing Bin

If you have a damaged/missing bin under normal circumstances the Town will action requests within 3 working days. If your current bin is damaged, please ensure the bin is left on the verge or in an easily visible and accessible location to avoid any delays in repairs or replacement.

Please call 9339 9333 or email

THE FOGO BIN (Collected Weekly)  

Lime Green FOGO bin: Food and Garden waste including:

This bin will be composted so it’s important to keep plastic and glass out of this bin. All food waste is to go into your FOGO bin either in a compostable liner, wrapped in newspaper, or loose in the bin. Please make sure food is removed from packaging before being placed in the bin as any plastic packaging can contaminate the compost.

You can also place pet droppings and kitty litter either straight into the bin or in a compostable liner, however, biodegradable plastic liners are not to go into your FOGO bin; only compostable liners as they will break down naturally in the composting process.

For a full A-Z on what goes in each bin A-Z Waste Guide or refer to the  2023-24 Waste Calendar 

Where can I purchase FOGO compost? 

FOGO compost can be purchased from the Fremantle Recycling Centre

  • $5 per 25L bag.

FOGO Kitchen Caddy and Compostable Liners 

Your kitchen caddy makes sorting your food organics in the kitchen simple.

Line your caddy with:

  • Newspaper 
  • Compostable liners
  • or go nude!

Replenish your compostable caddy liners

Residents are eligible for two free packs of compostable liners per financial year, upon presentation of photo ID at the Town Hall, 135 Canning Highway.
Additional liners and kitchen caddies can be purchased from the Fremantle Recycling Centre, 19a Montreal Street, Fremantle.

  • Compostable Liners and Compost Caddies can be purchased from the Fremantle Recycling Centre
  • Your food organics and garden organics are turned into compost. Available from the Fremantle Recycling Centre - $5 per 25L bag.

What is the difference between compostable bags and plastic bags?

Compostable = degrades in a natural biological process producing only carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass, with no visible or distinguishable toxic residue. Unlike plastic bags, compostable liners are made of organic fibers from corn and wheat, which break down much quicker than degradable and plastic bags. Other options to use in your FOGO bin other than compostable liners include newspaper or simply having your food waste lose in the FOGO bin.

Biodegradable - The term biodegradable doesn’t mean anything because everything is biodegradable eventually. The problem is, in Australia, regular plastic bags are being labeled ‘Biodegradable’. This misleads consumers to think these bags are made from plant matter and will return to nature which isn’t always the case. Unlike Australia in other countries, there is legislation to prevent the term “biodegradable” being used on products that do not break down naturally into the environment.

‘Degradable and OXO Degradable bags’ are made from normal plastic and have an ingredient which makes them break down faster. Plastic and degradable bags are made of petroleum and do not break down into organic material, instead, they break down into smaller particles of plastic.

How is my FOGO bin processed?  

    See how your FOGO waste is processed in the below video. 

    How to Line your FOGO Caddy with Newspaper

    THE RECYCLING BIN (Collected Fortnightly)

    Yellow lidded recycling bin: Recyclable materials including:

    All items should be clean, dry, and empty with lids removed and placed in the bin loosely.

    For a full A-Z on what goes in each bin Click Here or refer to the  2023-24 Waste Calendar 

    Special Recycling Items 

    Some waste materials can't be processed in kerbside bins because they contain hazardous materials or contaminate waste streams. For this reason, the Town offers the collection of some specialist materials for residents. Refer to Fremantle Recycling Centre below for specialised items collected on-site. 

    For a full A-Z on what goes in each bin Click Here

    The Town Hall, 135 Canning Highway has a special collection drop off point for hard to recycle items for residents which include:

    • Aerosols 
    • Batteries
    • Mobile Phones
    • Ink Cartridges
    • Plastic Bottle Caps
    • Bread Tags 

    *Please ensure items are separated by type, plastic bottle caps and bread tags are cleaned and take large quantities to the Fremantle Recycling Centre*


    • Soft Landing Mattress Recycling 1800 763 852 Home Collection ($50) 
    • Fremantle Recycle Centre (fees apply) 1300 693 736
    • Bulk Waste Collection (refer to your waste guide)


    • Fremantle Recycle Centre
    • Items can also be donated to charity, for more information visit


    • Medical or biohazardous waste should never be put in any bin.
    • Please check with your healthcare provider as to the correct method for disposal or visit Health Engine

    Fremantle Recycling Centre

    Residents of the Town of East Fremantle have access to the Fremantle Recycling Centre. Upon entry present a current proof of residency, like a driver’s licence or rates notice. When dropping off bulk waste items, take your Fremantle Recycling letter and current proof of residency (no commercial access).

    Unlimited entry for recyclables listed below (unless otherwise indicated):

    How to drop off Bulk Waste and/or Recyclable Waste

    • Bring along proof of identity such as photographic ID or a driver’s licence with your address. If you are a new resident and your ID does not match, simply bring a utility bill along with your ID so that proof of residency can be verified.
    • Keep this letter in a safe place to have it stamped by staff when dropping off household bulk waste. If you do not produce this letter when dropping off bulk waste, or if you have used all your allocated visits, a fee may apply to drop off bulk waste.

    Opening Hours 

    •  Fridays from 12pm - 4pm 
    • Saturday/Sunday 8 am – 4pm
    • 19a Montreal Street, Fremantle, opposite the Fremantle Golf Course

    Important things to remember:

    • Residents are entitled to four (4) drop-offs of household bulk waste per year and unlimited drop-offs of recyclable waste and garden waste (one trailer load of green waste per day).
    • Staff will not be able to accept any bulk waste without your recycling letter and proof of residence.
    • Fees apply for mattress/base and tyres. 
    • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) limits apply. Up to 20kg or 20 litres per item.
    • Building rubble/Hardy fencing/asbestos/sand/soil and offcuts of wood will not be accepted.
    • Commercial recycling, bulk waste, green waste and HHW from commercial operators will not be accepted.

    THE GENERAL WASTE BIN (Collected Fortnightly)

    Your General Waste Bin is for:

    For a full A-Z on what goes in each bin Click Here or refer to the  2023-24 Waste Calendar 

    What is REDcycle?

    PLEASE NOTE: REDcycle has temporarily paused its soft plastics collection program from 9 November 2022.

    Please dispose of your soft plastics in the general waste bin (Red Lid), as there will be no recovery from Coles and Woolworths stores at this time.

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