Ranger Services

Ranger Services operate from 8am to 4pm Monday to Sunday (excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day) and may be contacted on the following telephone number:

Town of East Fremantle Office (08) 9339 9339

General Information

Rangers are authorised to enforce the relevant acts, legislation and local laws listed below in order to ensure the safety and amenity of local residents and visitors to the Town of East Fremantle.

  1. West Australian Dog Act (1976)
  2. Dog (Restricted Breeds) Regulations (2002)
  3. Litter Act (1979)
  4. Control of Vehicles (off road areas) Act (1978)
  5. Caravan and Camping Regulations (1997)
  6. Bush Fires Act (1954)
  7. Local Government Act
  8. Parking and Parking facilities Local Laws
  9. Dog's Local Laws
  10. Bee Keeping Local Laws
  11. Local Government Property Local Laws
  12. Local Laws relating to fencing
  13. Local Laws relating to safety, decency, convenience and comfort of person's in respect of bathing.
  14. Animal Welfare Act
  15. Any further Act, Legislation or Local Law determined relevant and authorised by the Town of East Fremantle Council and Chief Executive Officer
  16. Urban Environment and Nuisance Local Law's
  17. Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Laws.

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