Traffic Management 

If you are going to undertake works in the road reserve or obstruct a footpath or verge, you will need a Traffic Management Plan that is approved by the Town.  

Traffic management is required to protect the safety of yourself, the public, contractors and visitors whilst the works are taking place. 

Required Information

For simple Traffic Management Plans, the following can be used as a guide;

  • Times and dates the obstruction/s will occur*
  • A site plan showing which area/s will be affected (crossover / verge / footpath / road) including indicative measurements, street tree locations or anything else that is in close vicinity and may be impacted by the works

The location and type of signage** to be installed, traffic cone and personnel placement

*Traffic management will not be approved, if the works are in streets surrounding school zones and will impact school pick-up and drop-off times. Road and path obstructions are best done in the middle of the day to minimise impact on the public.

** “Footpath Closed” or “Use Other Footpath” signage is preferable over generic “works ahead” signage for footpath closures / obstructions.

If your works are deemed complex, you may be required to obtain formal traffic management through a qualified traffic management company.  

To submit a traffic management plan, please email

Fees and Charges

There are no fees applicable for assessment and approval of Traffic Management Plans. 

Assessment Process


  • 7 working days are required to assess simple plans and provide approval, providing all information is supplied. 

Please note, a complex plan including road closures may take up to 14 working days to assess, providing all information is supplied..

If you are conducting an event you should submit the Traffic Management Plan with the event application.

Review process

The Town reviews the Plans for the purpose of general oversight.

The following is taken into consideration:

  • The local road environment
  • Pedestrians and cyclists
  • Speed zones and known traffic behaviours
  • Heavy vehicles, traffic efficiency
  • The timing and duration of the project

For formal traffic management, is the responsibility of the RTM or AWTM to make sure that the plan complies to AS 1742.3 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Part 3 Works on Roads, and the Main Roads WA Code of Practice Traffic Management for Works on Roads


The Town will confirm the approval in writing. Work (other than emergency work) or the event must not commence until this confirmation has been received by the workers on site.

Traffic Speeds & Traffic Counts

The Town conducts routine traffic data collection on its roads and reviews the speeds of vehicles on each particular site relative to similar streets to determine where efforts should be placed. If there is an area in the Town that is of concern for vehicle’s speeding, the Town can employ a range of traffic management devices temporary or permanent to assist with road speed compliance. In instances where these devices may not be appropriate, the Town may employ other means to encourage speed compliance.

Please Click Here to view the Town's Fact Sheet regarding traffic speeds and traffic counts on our roads.

If you witness a speeding/ hooning vehicle, please take down the relevant information such as make, model, colour and license plate number contact local law enforcement as below:

  • If Police attendance is required immediately call 131 444
  • Otherwise complete a Traffic Complaint Report here

If you have any further queries, please feel free to Contact Us