Parking in East Fremantle

Please view the map below for parking options in East Fremantle.

Parking Guide - Town of East Fremantle

How we manage parking in our Town

Managing parking in our Town is all about striking the right balance.  Our Rangers do this by balancing the needs of all users of our roads, foothpaths, verges and car parks to ensure fair and reasonable access for everyone. This includes motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

We do this by:

  • Promoting free and un-timed car parks in our Town 
  • Educating our residents and road users about sharing our public spaces through the provision of information via our website and publications as well as through signage and markings on our streets.
  • Ensuring that cars don’t park across driveways and crossovers or blocking footpaths and verges.
  • Making sure parking bays in high-demand areas such as near our George Street and Canning Highway commercial centres are time-limited so that you can park near where you want to eat/drink/shop.
  • Regulating parking near our boat ramps, parks and reserves so that everyone gets a chance to use these facilities.
  • Making sure that illegally parked and abandoned vehicles are moved on.
  • Issuing warnings and cautions for minor infringements, as we would much rather guide you to the right places to park than issue tickets.

The Town uses compliance and enforcement strategies to achieve legislated objectives and community safety by implementing a cooperative and collaborative approach to education, compliance and enforcement action to achieve the best outcomes for the community. The Town is heavily focused on education to achieve voluntary compliance, and issues 2.5 cautions to every 1 infringement.

How our laws apply to you 

All streets, thoroughfares, carriageways, carparks and footpaths are subject to the provisions of both the Road Traffic Code of Western Australia (2000) and the Town of East Fremantle Parking Local Law 2016 at all times.

It is the driver's responsibility to be conversant and compliant with the provisions of both the Road Traffic Code of Western Australia (2000) and the Town of East Fremantle Parking  Local Law 2016 when they either drive or park in the Town of East Fremantle.

Illegal parking causes frustration, inconvenience and irritation to other drivers and road users, and in many cases, illegal parking can be dangerous and may be harmful to other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

The Town's Parking laws are designed to maximise the use of available space, provide equitable access to parking facilities (with regard to the conflicting requirements of residents, businesses, visitors, pedestrians, cyclists) and also regarding other traffic management issues.

Rangers are tasked and authorised to enforce the provisions of the Town's Parking Local Law and Rangers routinely issue infringement notices for any contraventions of the local laws. The Town is committed to being transparent and applies procedural fairness for all enforcement and prosecution related matters.

Parking at Leeuwin Boat Ramp Car Park


Per hour - $4.90

Per day - $19.60 (24 hours)

It should be noted that the Leeuwin Boat Ramp carpark is the only paid parking in the Town, with many locations offering free car parking elsewhere in East Fremantle, including locations close to the Swan River and other attractions.  A full list of free car parking locations in the Town is available online and in our parking brochure.

Services and Safety Upgraded at Leeuwin Boat Ramp

The Town of East Fremantle has improved facilities at the Leeuwin Boat Ramp and the adjacent car park in response to concerns about safety in the area for recreational river and foreshore users and their vehicles.    

In recent years, there have been reported incidences of break-ins to cars and damage to boats at boat ramp car parks throughout Perth in riverside locations.  To prevent such incidences in East Fremantle, the Town is responding by prioritising Ranger patrols at the site.

The Town is also working with the Department of Transport and WA Police to increase security and surveillance of the carpark, and is commencing a public education campaign to raise awareness about the importance of parking securely near the boat ramp and notifying loved ones of travel plans and times prior to embarking on the water.  The Town will work with local clubs including the Swan Yacht Club and East Fremantle Yacht Club to spread awareness amongst their members.

Anyone seeking clarification or advice about parking in the Town of East Fremantle is invited to contact the Town on 9339 9339 during business hours or by email to

View information on Leeuwin Car Park and Boat Ramp Parking

School Parking 

Parking restrictions are put in place near schools to protect children when they are either dropped off or picked up from school. If you do not comply with the parking signs you may be infringed.

 A ‘No Stopping’ sign, for example, will show you where vehicles are not permitted to stop for any length of time, unless avoiding a collision.

Signs may also have day and time restrictions. This means the parking prohibitions apply only during the times and days shown.

Parked vehicles must always face the same way as the direction of the traffic flow and not facing oncoming traffic.

School Parking Fact Sheet

Leeuwin Boat Ramp Parking Permit

Download application form for Boat Ramp Parking Permit

Pay Infringement

You have four (4) options for paying your infringement (as listed below):

Payment Online

Make a Payment 

Payment in Person

Payment can be made in person at the East Fremantle Town Hall during business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

In person payments may be made by: cash, EFTPOS, cheque or money order.

Payment by Mail

Payments must be made by money order or cheque only when paying by mail and be posted to:

Town of East Fremantle
135 Canning Hwy


Town of East Fremantle
PO Box 1097

Payment by Telephone

The Town accepts only Visa or Mastercard payments by telephone.

Non Payment of Infringements

All infringements must be paid within twenty-eight (28) days of the date of issuance of the infringement notice.

If the Town of East Fremantle has not received payment within twenty-eight (28) days of issuance, a final notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle and a further twenty-eight (28) days granted to make payment.

In the event that payment is not received within twenty-eight (28) days of the issuance of the final notice, then the infringement notice will be lodged with the Fines Enforcement Registry, which carries further costs and possible notice of suspension of the owner's/nominated driver's licence.

Election to have the Infringement Notice heard/settled in Court

People have the right to elect to have an infringement notice heard in court. The Town of East Fremantle must be notified in writing within twenty-eight (28) days of issuance of the infringement notice by the person wishing to have the matter settled in court.

Please Note:

Should you elect to have an infringement notice heard in court and the infringement notice is upheld in court as a validly issued infringement notice, the following can occur:

  • the court may increase the infringements modified penalty;
  • the court may award costs against you

Nominating another Driver

If you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time of issuance of the infringement notice, you may nominate another person who was in charge of the vehicle at the relevant date and time by way of completing a Statutory Declaration that must be  returned within 28 days of the infringement issue being issued.

You must provide the full name and postal address of the person in charge of/driving the vehicle. Please note:

  • Failure to provide the full name and postal address of the relevant driver will mean that you are deemed responsible for the vehicle. The infringement notice will remain in force against you and will proceed to Fines Enforcement Registry (F.E.R.) if not paid within twenty-eight (28) days.
  • Should the person you nominate advise the Town that they were not the driver, then you will be required to provide court admissible proof that the person nominated was in fact the driver.

      Statutory Declaration Form

    Appealing an Infringement Notice

    Parking Infringement Appeals Policy 

    The Parking Infringement Appeals Policy was recently amended by Council in September 2019. The Policy provides a framework for assessing parking infringement notice appeals and has recently clarified the requirements for displaying a valid parking ticket.

     View Amended Policy 2.1.9 Parking Infringement Appeals

    You have the right to appeal an infringement notice in writing within twenty-eight (28) days of issuance of the infringement notice. Please review table below before submitting an appeal. 

    You can lodge an appeal by emailing or online by clicking on the link below.

    Appeal Parking Infringement

    Written appeals must be addressed to:

    The Chief Executive Officer
    Town of East Fremantle
    PO Box 1097

    The following tables (which can be found in the Policy) outline the circumstances under which parking infringement notices that are subject to an appeal will, may be or will not be withdrawn:

    Table 1. Circumstances under which an infringement will be withdrawn


    Evidence required

    Vehicle breakdown due to mechanical fault

    • Statutory declaration outlining the nature of the breakdown, why the vehicle couldn’t be moved and how the vehicle was moved; or
    • Receipts from a vehicle tow company; or
    • Receipts from a reputable mechanic

    Medical emergency

    • Doctors certificate; or
    • Correspondence from St John Ambulance/ a hospital/surgery/doctor; or
    • Statutory declaration

    Infringement issued in error or to the wrong person

    • Evidence demonstrating the error such as a valid ticket (and appropriately displayed) or photograph of correctly parked vehicle; or
    • Proof that the vehicle did not belong to nominated driver/owner at the time the infringement was issued;
    • Registration papers; 
    • Statutory declaration

    Town of East Fremantle ticket machine, pay by phone software (if available) or equipment fault

    • Evidence demonstrating the Town of East Fremantle ticket machine, pay by phone software or equipment was faulty; eg. photograph or screenshot

    Person is not the driver at the time of the offence

    • Correctly filled out nomination form submitted within 28 days of the infringement date

    Directed by a Town Officer or Law Enforcement Officer to park contrary to signs and/ limitations

    • Statutory declaration outlining the nature of the direction, why the vehicle couldn’t be moved; and
    • Evidence from the Law Enforcement Officer indicating the nature of the direction.

    Table 2. Circumstances under which an infringement may be withdrawn


    Evidence required

    Compassionate grounds; including but not limited to family bereavement, genuine financial hardship and diagnosed mental illness

    • Evidence specific to the matter at hand which may include, but not be limited to, a Statutory declaration, Centrelink documentation, Health care card, Doctors certificate, letter from a hospital/surgery/doctor

    The signage in the area was missing, obscured or damaged to the point where it could not be read

    • Photographic evidence of missing, obscured or damaged sign at the time of the offence

    Infringement issued to a person parked in a designated ACROD bay but did not display a valid ACROD permit.

    • Proof of valid ACROD permit.

    Table 3. Circumstances under which an infringement will not be withdrawn


    Exceeding a time limit

    Forgot to purchase and display a valid parking ticket

    Failure to display a valid parking ticket

    Lack of available parking bays

    Arranging payment or getting change

    Appointment or a meeting ran over time

    Transport services were late

    Had to make or take an important phone call

    Did not see or did not understand the parking restrictions

    Did not see or did not understand how to use a ticket machine                                                                     

    Where a vehicle is parked in a dangerous or obstructive location that has the potential to cause nuisance, injury or damage

    Where an unauthorised vehicle is parked in a designated ACROD parking bay.