Niergarup Track

'Niergarup' - the place where pelicans meet

August 2023

Revegetation planting along the northern end of Niergarup Track.


22 April 2022


The Town hosted a Niergarup Track Planting Walk-Through on Saturday 19 March 2022 to obtain feedback regarding the Niergarup Track Three Year Management Plan. The walk-through was attended by residents, APACE WA and staff from the Town.

The Town listened to feedback from those attending the walk-through and in consultation with APACE WA has amended the management plan.

2022 Addendum to the Niergarup Track Three Year Management Plan  

Niergarup Track Planting Walk-Through

The Town of East Fremantle is hosting a Niergarup Track Planting Walk-Through on Saturday, 19 March 2022 at 9am on Niergarup Track.

A representative from APACE WA and staff from the Town will provide information on-site about the native ground cover and carefully selected plants.

The meeting place for the Niergarup Track Planting Walk-Through is at the top of Merv Cowan Park - please see below.

Weed and Revegetation Strategy - Background Information

In early 2020 the Town of East Fremantle commissioned APACE WA to undertake a weed and revegetation strategy of our historic Niergarup Track with the aim of:

  • reducing urban heat
  • increasing biodiversity and wildlife
  • improving the amenity of the area, and
  • increasing pedestrian usage.

The Town plans to undertake revegetation planting works along Niergarup Track in May and June, which is the best time for planting.

Following the adoption of the strategy the Town has undertaken two rounds of weeding along the track, to eradicate any weeds which may exist along the track. One more round of weeding may be undertaken before the planting begins in May and June 2022, depending how early the Town can source the planting stock.

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