Urban Streetscape and Public Realm Style Guide

The Town of East Fremantle's iconic and eclectic look and feel has been formalised and will be preserved thanks to its Urban Streetscape and Public Realm Style Guide that was adopted in December 2020.

The Style Guide was developed over more than twelve months and with the help of the Town's staff and with advice from experts to bring together a Guide that directs the Town'sroad treatments, footpaths and verges, paving and surfaces, street trees, parks and reserves infrastructure, lighting, seating, and other visual design elements.

Following finalisation of the draft of the Guide, the Town consulted the community, including a broad advertising campaign and a drop-in session on 29 October 2020, where residents discussed aspects of the proposed Guide with Town staff.

Based on this input and on written submissions, the Guide was amended in some areas, although most of the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with helpful suggestions received. Some technical changes were made to ensure consistency and clarity.

The purpose of the Urban Streetscape and Public Realm Style Guide is to provide:

Consistency - consistent style and design palette for future works to the public realm and streetscape.

Character - design guidelines that enhance and celebrate the Town’s unique character, recognising and responding to identified areas or precincts of a similar nature.

Safety and Comfort - create comfortable and safe places for people to use which encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport.

Quality - provide clear guidance to those involved in designing and constructing public realm spaces on the quality of design expected.

As part of the Style Guide, a series of pamphlets were created for each of the Town's distinct precincts.

Precinct pamphlets:

Each pamphlet is available for download from our website, as is the Urban Streetscape and Public Realm Guide in its entirety. Printed copies can be made available upon request.

Residents and those interested in doing renovations, restorations or other improvements in the Town, including those requesting verge trees, are invited to view the Guide, and to give it due consideration when planning their projects.

Anyone with questions about the new Guide are invited to contact the Town by calling 9339 9339 or by sending an email to admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au.