Sheds, Pergolas, Patios and Shade Sails

What building permits are required for sheds, pergolas, patios and shade sails?


Building Permit is required for outbuildings greater than 10m². One outbuilding less than 10m² and under 2.4m in height is permitted without a building permit. 


A pergola is an open-framed structure used for shading and screening, with a permeable roof cover such as shade cloth, lattice, or timber battens. The primary difference between a patio and a pergola is the roof cover. Patios have ridged, impermeable roofs.

A proposed unenclosed pergola that is more than 20m2 in area and/or is more than 2.4m in height will require a building permit. 


A patio is an open sided structure enclosed on no more than half of its perimeter with a roof cover that is impervious to water such as colourbond or polycarbonate sheeting and used for outdoor entertainment. 

A building permit is not required for a patio that is:

  • freestanding; and
  • has a floor area not exceeding 10m2; and
  • is no more than 2.4m in height

A building permit application will be required if the proposed patio does not meet the above criteria. In addition, Planning Approval may be needed. Please contact Regulatory Services on 9339 9339 for further information. 

Shade Sails

A shade sail is a piece of permeable fabric that is fixed to timber or metal posts.

Any proposed shade sail more than 10m2 in area and/or is more than 2.4m in height will require a building permit.   

Outbuilding Fact Sheet

Patio, Pergola and Shade Sail Fact Sheet