Local Planning Scheme No. 3 - Complex Amendment No. 17 - 7-27 (Lot 14-19) Canning Highway 

Amendment 17

February 2022

The WA Planning Commission has advised that on 21 January 2022 the Minister for Planning approved Amendment 17 with minor modifications. The final Scheme Amendment can be viewed here:

Local Planning Scheme No. 3 - Amendment No. 17

If you have any queries in relation to Amendment 17 or the Scheme Amendment process, please contact the Town’s Planning Department by telephoning 9339 9319 or email admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au.

July 2021

At its meeting of 20 July 2021 the Council resolved to support Amendment 17. The Scheme Amendment documents have been forwarded to the Department of Planning; Lands and Heritage (DPLH).

The documents can be viewed here:

Council Minutes 20 July 2021 - Complex Amendment No. 17 to East Fremantle Local Planning Scheme No.3

Amendment 17 - Scheme Amendment Report

Following the DPLH assessment of the Amendment an Officer report will be prepared for the WA Planning Commission (WAPC). The WAPC will then determine to either support the Amendment, with or without modifications, or refuse the Amendment.

Should modifications be made to the Amendment that the WAPC deem to be substantial the Amendment may be recommended for re-advertising to the public. A subsequent recommendation will then be forwarded to the Minister for Planning who will make the final decision on the Amendment.

If you have any queries in relation to Amendment 17 or the Scheme Amendment process please contact the Town’s Planning Department by telephoning 9339 9319 or email admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au

March 2021 

At its meeting of 8 December 2020, the Council adopted (initiated) complex Amendment No. 17 for the purpose of advertising for public comment. The land the subject of the Amendment is on the south side of Canning Highway between East and Glyde Street (see aerial photo below).  This land is mostly in State government ownership with one privately owned lot of the corner of Glyde Street.

In summary, the Amendment proposes to: 

  • Amend Schedule 2 (Additional Use - A9) by deleting the information for Lots 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 Canning Highway and inserting the following in the ‘Additional Use and/or Development’ column: 
  • A maximum of R80 residential development; and
  • Any dwelling development within this Additional Use area shall be used for residential dwelling purposes only. 
  • Amend the ‘Special Conditions’ column of Schedule 2 by inserting special conditions, amongst other things, relating to the preparation of a local development plan and associated design guidelines, building height and setbacks.

Full details of the Scheme Amendment are available for inspection here:

Proposed Scheme Amendment No. 17 - Scheme Amendment Report - February 2021

Council Minutes 8 December 2020 - Proposed Complex Amendment No. 17 to Local Planning Scheme No. 3 - Lot 14 - 19 Canning Highway

A hard copy is also available at the Town Hall, 135 Canning Highway, East Fremantle, during office hours up to and including, Wednesday, 19 May 2021.  

A submission may be made by any interested individual and can be made on-line by following the link below:


Submissions on the Scheme Amendment can also be made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, Town of East Fremantle on Submission Form 3A and lodged on or before Wednesday, 19 May 2021.  Should you require more than one submission form per household additional forms are also available from the Town Hall or can be downloaded here.

You are encouraged you to submit your views on the Scheme Amendment.  If you have any queries in relation to this matter please contact the Town on 9339 9339 or email admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au.