Ancillary Dwelling (Granny Flat)

A granny flat or ancillary dwelling is a self-contained residential dwelling. It may be attached, integrated with, or detached from a single house on the same lot.

Building Permit is always required for ancillary accommodation.

Planning/development approval is usually not required if your property is in a residential zone and your granny flat/ancillary dwelling meets the following requirements:

  • The ancillary dwelling is associated with a single house and on the same lot
  • The lot is not less than 350 m2
  • There is a maximum plot ratio area of 70m2
  • Parking is provided in accordance with clause 5.3.3 C3.1 of the Residential Design Codes
  • The ancillary dwelling is designed and sited to comply with all relevant provisions of the R-Codes and the Town's Residential Design Guidelines.