HMAS Perth (I) Memorial


The first stage of the HMAS Perth (I) Memorial, which commemorates the loss of HMAS Perth (I) at the Battle of Sunda Strait in March 1942, was completed late last year.

Located on Riverside Road (Lot 7773) in East Fremantle, the Memorial comprises a granite Wall of Remembrance complete with five flag poles and a half-size replica of one of its propellers mounted on a compass rose.

It is open to the public at any time and as it's fully lit, makes for an excellent photo opportunity.

This memorial is dedicated to the lost Crew, the survivors who were imprisoned, enslaved in prisoner of war camps and those who finally returned to Australia bearing the scars of their suffering for the duration of their lives. 
The memorial also acknowledges the USS Houston which was also lost in the Battle of Sunda Strait.

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