Richmond Raceway Trotting Booths ART INSTALLATION

Photos courtesy of Soul Gazing Photography, Kyle is a local resident.

Richmond Raceway, a horse and harness racing (trotting) track, was established in 1928 and ran until 1991, when the area became a housing estate.  The remains of the track are now bounded by Marmion, Silas, George and Moss Streets with Raceway Park in the centre.

The original turnstiles, within pockets of public open space, stand as a reminder of 63 years of harness racing in the area.  These parts of the entrance gates can be visited at;

  • Marjorie Green Park, named to commemorate the Town’s first female Councillor.  Located on the corner of Silas and Bay Patch Streets.
  • George Booth Park, named after the 1943-1958 President of the Committee of the Fremantle Trotting Club.  Located on the corner of George and Moss Streets. 

Streets close to the track still bear the names of famous horses.  Further background and images of the Raceway in its heyday are available at the Streets of East Freo website. The names of the horses recalled in the artwork are:

  • Dainty’s Daughter - Trainer-Driver: Bernie Cushing
  • Mount Eden - Trainer-Driver: Jack Miles
  • Pure Steel - Trainer: Russell Roberts / Driver: Mark Roberts
  • Royal Force - Trainer: George Kennett / Driver: Dudley Anderson
  • San Simeon - Owner: Lyall Porter / Trainer-Driver: Lou Austin
  • Sylvia Mint - Trainer: Bill Johnson / Driver: Max Johnson
  • Bay Patch - Owner: G Martin / Trainer-Driver: Alby Boag
  • Speedy Cheval - Trainer: Ross Olivieri / Driver: Phil Coulson
  • Westgrove Boy - Trainer: Harry Schrader / Driver: Jim Schrader
  • Village Kid - Trainer: Bill Horn / Driver: Chris Lewis

Art Installation
In developing the story of the area, and the artwork, the Town conducted research with local racing identities.  Local artist, Ben Jones with the support of his father Tony, infused their combination of local knowledge, personal passion and professional pride into the artwork which are a stunning addition to the Park.  


The artwork was unveiled on Saturday 1 August 2020, (1 August being the date known internationally as the day of all horses’ birthdays in the Southern hemisphere), with guests including East Fremantle Elected Members, local residents and racing luminaries. 

Deputy Mayor Harrington spoke about the glory days of harness racing in East Fremantle.  One of the highlights for those present was the race call by Hayden King, featuring the names of the horses featured in the artworks.