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March 2022

At the March 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council adopted the Climate Emergency Strategy 2022-2032 

We would like to thank the Climate Action Reference Group (CARG) members and Town staff for their professional work and total commitment in formulating the Climate Emergency Strategy 2022-2032. The next step is the development of the Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP). 

February 2022

The Town of East Fremantle's Climate Action Reference Group (CARG) completed the draft Climate Emergency Strategy 2022-2032 (a document providing the framework for Council to address the climate emergency) and subsequently hosted a CARG Climate Action Seminar. The Climate Emergency Strategy 2022-2032 will be presented to Council in March. 

Background Information

In November 2019 the Town of East Fremantle recognised the climate emergency and supported the community call for action on climate change on both a local and international level. Furthermore, as a result of the Annual Electors meeting on 17 March 2020 the Town resolved to develop a Climate Action Reference Group to assist with the formation of a Climate Emergency Strategy and Climate Emergency Action Plan. Then in June 2020, a call was made for expressions of interest to form a Climate Action Reference Group (CARG) whose task is to: 

  • assist in identifying targets, projects, and actions that the Town and its community can undertake to assist with meeting the challenges of the future in relation to climate change.
  • act as a conduit between the Council and community in providing recommendations to assist the Town in developing a Climate Emergency Strategy (CES), Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP), and provide expertise and opinion on other sustainability issues. 

The Climate Emergency Strategy will be a guiding document providing the framework for Council to address the climate emergency. It will be the first part of Council’s three-step response:

  • Step 1 Climate Emergency Strategy
    includes visions and high level goals to set the direction for how Council responds to the climate emergency (this Strategy)

On 20 July 2021, Council formally accepted the Strategic Objectives formulated by the Climate Action Reference Group. These Strategic Objectives will feed into the Climate Emergency Strategy which is planned to be completed by the end of 2021. View the Strategic Objectives 

  • Step 2 Action Plan
    includes detailed programs, projects, and actions to meet the high-level goals and visions set out in the Climate Emergency Strategy, including budgetary costings
  • Step 3 Implementation
    puts the programs, projects, and actions in place.

CARG will ensure Climate related responses are raised collaboratively with the community and to be guided by local priorities and expertise to develop actions and strategies for the reduction of community-wide greenhouse gas emissions and find ways to prepare the community and Council to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.


The members of the CARG are a mix of scientists and consultants as well as community members and elected officials.  

The Terms of Reference for the Town of East Fremantle Climate Action Reference Group are available online. 

The ten members of CARG include:

Current Members 

  • Cr Tony Natale (Chair)
  • Cr Cliff Collinson
  • Rebecca James
  • Fraser Maywood
  • Paul van der Beeke
  • Christine Finlay
  • Leigh Nicholas
  • Wendy Wisniewski
  • Miles Dracup
  • Maureen Flynn
  • Jane Melvin

Past Members 

  • Roger Hughes
  • Duanne Ginger