Online Form - Verge Treatment Application

Proposed verge plantings must be submitted to the Town of East Fremantle with a diagrammatic sketch showing proposed locations of plants and proposed plant species and any irrigation. Graph paper to draw your design 

Measure and draw up a plan of your verge identifying the dimensions and any existing features. This will help to determine how to arrange your verge and what can fit. Ensure plants are set back at least 1m from crossovers, kerbs, and footpaths to ensure plants do not obstruct pedestrians and vehicles as they grow. If you do not have a footpath, all plants must be set back at least 1.5 m from the kerb to allow pedestrian movement. 

Happy Planting! 

Are you the property owner? (If 'No' please attach owner's written consent)*
Once planting has been undertaken, I/we agree to maintain the verge treatment so as not to cause a hazard, including water and retaining any overflow on site.*
I understand that the Town will inspect the site for the proposed works to determine suitability according to information in the Verge Treatment Policy and Verge Greening Guidelines*
I/we understand that public utilities, state government authorities and their authorised contractors have specific responsibilities and rights to access and undertake works on the verge as defined in legislation and codes of practice. The verge will be made safe upon completion of these works, however, there is no requirement from the Town to rectify damage to irrigation, planting, turf or hard surfacing after maintenance works have been completed. Reinstatement of verge treatments due to works undertaken by government authorities or authorised contractors will be at the owner or occupier’s expense.

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