Environmental Health 

Environmental Health 

The Town of East Fremantle's Environmental Health Services cover a range of Environmental Health Services and advice and assistance on a number of other issues.

Contact Environmental Health Services by phone: 9339 9339 or email: admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au

Environmental Health Services include:

  • Asbestos, Chemicals and Poisons Disposal 
  • Food Safety
  • Infectious Disease Control and Investigations
  • Lodging Houses
  • Noise Control
  • Pest Control
  • Pollution Control
  • Public Buildings
  • Safe Water and Public Swimming Pools
  • Substandard Dwellings
  • Urban Environment

For your information the following environmental health advice is provided:

Is the water in your rainwater tank safe to drink?

Termites and your home

Food safety

Hats and food handlers 



Legionella and garden soils

Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code

Other matters that Health Services may assist you with include:

  • Food condemnations;
  • General health complaints;
  • Hairdressing establishments;
  • Head lice control;
  • Health promotion;
  • Keeping of poultry and animals;
  • Lodging houses;
  • Skin penetration establishments; and
  • Unfit Houses.