Unauthorised Building Works

What is Unauthorised Work?

Unauthorised building work may include work commenced without a Building Permit, or which is not built in compliance with the approved plans and specifications. 

It is an offence under the Building Act 2011 to undertake building work without first obtaining a Building Permit, unless the building work is exempted from such a requirement under the Building Regulations 2012.

Building Approval Certificates are voluntary, however if you have unauthorised building work you may be required to demolish it if you do not have one. 

A person can apply for a building approval certificate to obtain retrospective approval for any building work completed without a building permit being issued, or to confirm an existing building complies with the applicable building standards. 


To apply for a building approval certificate (BA14), an applicant will need to complete a BA13 Application for Building Approval Certificate, submit with a BA18 Certificate of Building Compliance together with any relevant supporting documents. 

A certificate of building compliance is issued by a registered building surveyor as defined in section 3 of the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011. This certificate can be obtained from an independent building surveyor who certify that an existing building complies with the relevant building standards. 

Information required:

BA13 Application for Building Approval Certificate

Unauthorised Works Checklist 

Fee Calculators

Planning Approval subsequent to development may also be required. 

Submit application:

Applications can be lodged by:

(Lodgement by email is the Town's preferred method)