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Frequently Asked Questions - East Fremantle Community Park

Which construction company has been appointed by the Town?

Cooper & Oxley

Prior to construction, will pre-construction surveys be offered for nearby properties?

Yes, Bradbury Sewell Pty Ltd (acting on behalf of Cooper & Oxley) will be making contacting with property owners around the oval regarding pre-construction surveys.

Who do I contact if I have a query or concern regarding the Oval Precinct Redevelopment?

  • Adrian Hackett (Site Manager Cooper & Oxley) - 08 9387 9000
  • Phil Durston (Project Manager Cooper & Oxley) - 08 9387 9000
  • Email -

Who will be able to use the new facilities?

The East Fremantle Oval Precinct will be open to the community to enjoy. It is not just a multi-sports facility.   

Who will the facilities cater for?

The redevelopment will cater for everyone from those attending the East Fremantle Playgroup, the Croquet Club, Bowling Club, Football Club, dog-walkers, residents, those buying a coffee at the cafe, attending a function at the function room, youth enjoying the skate and basketball zones, children exploring the playground, those attending the fitness club and those simply walking or jogging around, enjoying the space. 

Oval Landscape Concept Imagery

What is being developed?  

The East Fremantle Oval Precinct Redevelopment has been architecturally designed and includes first class sporting facilities for croquet, lawn bowls and football, a skate and basketball zone, off leash dog exercise area, cafe, playground, function room, fitness centre and so much more! 

Who is responsible for developing the site?

The Town of East Fremantle. 

How much does the building cost?

The construction costs for the building total $25 million.

What is the total cost of the project?  

The total cost of the project is $32.5 million.

How is the project being funded?

Funder Secured Funding
WA State Government $25,000,000
Town of East Fremantle $7,000,000
AFL / WAFL $200,000
Other $300,000
TOTAL $32,500,000

When will construction commence?

Construction is likely to commence in mid October 2022.

Can I only walk my dog in the off leash area?

The dog off leash area is being provided as there will no longer be a perimeter fence around the entire site. This enclosed area will provide a safe and secure area to allow your dog off leash.

Who will run the facility?  

An independent facility Manager, subject to a management agreement set by the Council.  

Who will have overall responsibility for the facility?

The Town will establish a management committee of Council pursuant to the Local Government Act 1995.