Upcoming Works

East Fremantle Community Park Project – Eastern Bank Works

February 2024 - March 2024

    The Town is pleased to update residents regarding the East Fremantle Community Park eastern bank works. The new footpath around the oval has been completed, with upcoming works including:

    • Sculpting of the existing sump (south east corner) to make it smoother and more open.

    • Removing the large sand piles on the north of the oval.

    • Shaping some of the banks to a smoother level.

    • Installing reticulation to the eastern bank.

    • Installing fencing to the new dog park.

    • Installing amenities to the dog park such as bins and a drink fountain.

    • Footpath repair works around the oval precinct.

    • Installation of over 35 trees on the eastern bank.

    In addition to these works, the existing ticket booth on Allen Street is to be removed due to its poor condition and existing roof having asbestos. The asbestos will be removed by a licensed asbestos removal company, and the building demolished.

    The Town will also ensure wherever possible to keep dust down by watering the site several times each day.