Upcoming Works

Riverside Road - Dome Exercise Equipment Upgrade

September - October 2023

Works will include:

  • Removal of existing exercise equipment, kerbing & soft-fall
  • Resizing exercise areas to suit new equipment
  • Reinstall kerbing & lay coloured concrete in the two most northern areas
  • Installing new soft-fall in southern area
  • Installing new exercise equipment

As soft-fall has a limited life-cycle before beginning to deteriorate and due to the close proximity of the river, we have opted to concrete two of the three areas. New equipment will be installed as per manufacturers guide-lines over a concrete or soft-fall surface, and meet Australian Standard AS 16630:2021 Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment.  

New Equipment to be installed:

  • Sit-up board with incline
  • Step-up 
  • Push-up bar
  • Plyo Box Jumps
  • Parallel Bars
  • Aerobic Walker
  • Chin-up Bar

Clayton Street Footpath Upgrades

Between Fraser Street & View Terrace - eastern side

Between Canning Highway & Fraser Street - western side

The Town is pleased to notify residents that the above footpath upgrade projects in Clayton Street are proposed to begin on Monday 11 September 2023. The goal is to complete these works before Friday 13 October 2023 (weather permitting). Works are expected to occur during typical working hours between 7am and 5pm on weekdays.

 Below is the proposed sequence of events:

  • Reticulation cut, capped and moved where required;
  • Remove sections of old footpath and kerb;
  • Cut and remove sections of crossovers where required;
  • Form up and pour a new concrete kerb on the roadside of footpath;
  • Lay red asphalt footpath;
  • Reinstate reticulation and make any reticulation repairs;
  • Repair any damage to verges, crossovers and undertake general clean up.

 While it is inevitable that works of this nature will cause some inconvenience, every effort will be made to ensure that this is kept to a minimum. Removing or ignoring cones can lead to confusion, personal injury, damage to vehicles or the new footpath surface, and cause delays to the project.