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Town of East Fremantle Procurement

The objectives of our procurement process are to ensure that all procurement activities:

  • demonstrate best value for money is attained for the Town;
  • are compliant with relevant legislation;
  • are recorded in compliance with the State Records Act 2000 and associated records management practices and procedures of the Town;
  • establish best practice and mitigate probity risk by establishing consistent and demonstrated processes that promote openness, transparency, fairness and equity to all potential suppliers including businesses located in East Fremantle and those run by our Nyoongar community;
  • ensure that the benefits of achieving sustainable environmental and, social outcomes and encouraging local economic activity, are considered in the overall value for money assessment; and
  • are conducted in a consistent and efficient manner across the Town and that ethical decision making is demonstrated.

When tender opportunities arise, we will advertise publicly and list them on our website.

Buying Local

Where possible, suppliers operating with the Town of East Fremantle and neighbouring local government areas are to be given the opportunity to quote for goods and services required by the Town. Officers are required to review the local Business Directory when determining possible suppliers. However, it is recognised that not every category of goods or services required by the Town will lend itself to supply by local businesses. 

Local Economic Benefit 

The Town encourages the development of competitive local businesses within its boundary and as much as practicable, the Town will:

  • where appropriate, consider buying practices, procedures and specifications that do not unfairly disadvantage local businesses;
  • consider buying practices, procedures and specifications that encourage the inclusion of local businesses and employment of local residents;
  • consider indirect benefits that have flow on benefits for local suppliers (i.e. servicing and support);
  • ensure that procurement plans, and analysis is undertaken prior to developing Requests to understand local business capability and local content availability where components of goods or services may be sourced from within the district for inclusion in selection criteria;
  • explore the capability of local businesses to meet requirements and ensure that Requests for Quotation and Tenders are designed to accommodate the capabilities of local businesses;
  • avoid bias in the design and specifications for Requests for Quotation and Tenders; • provide adequate and consistent information to potential suppliers. 

Sustainable Procurement and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Town is committed to providing a preference to suppliers that demonstrate sustainable business practices and high levels of corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Where appropriate, the Town shall endeavour to provide an advantage to suppliers demonstrating that they minimise environmental and negative social impacts and embrace CSR.  Sustainable and CSR considerations must be balanced against value for money outcomes in accordance with the Town’s sustainability objectives. 

Further detail on the content above can be read at the Town's Purchasing Policy.

Town of East Fremantle Tenders and Contracts

Town of East Fremantle tenders are advertised in The West Australian newspaper, as well as featuring on this website.  
The lodgement details for each Tender is provided in the Tender document.  
A tender that is not lodged by the due closing date will not be considered for evaluation.

Current Tenders

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