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  • East Fremantle Baha'i Community

    Bahá’ís form Local Spiritual Assemblies whenever there is a minimum of nine members in a particular area. East Fremantle has had an Assembly for more than 25 years. The community holds regular 19-day Feasts and is very focused on serving the community through children’s classes, junior youth groups, study circles, devotional meetings and other activities. It has also created a native garden at the Tricolore Centre honouring the Bicentenary of the Birth of our Prophet-Founder, Bahá’u’lláh. The Bahá’í Faith is an independent world religion which started in 1844.

    Keith McDonald (Secretary)
    0412 056 725
    (Various) EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 989 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959
  • East Fremantle Bowling Club

    Providing social and competitive bowls, green and bar amenities.

    Mr. Kevin Fox (Treasurer)
    9339 2489
    Fletcher Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    Fletcher Street East Fremantle Australia WA 6158
  • East Fremantle Croquet Club Inc

    The East Fremantle Croquet Club has approximately 40+ members, predominantly mature aged men and women, however younger people are encouraged to come along. Members regularly play Association croquet and Golf croquet. We have 2 full courts and small court with lights.

    0448 043 840 Club Rooms
    0408 941 540
    59 Allen Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    59 Allen Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
  • East Fremantle Junior Cricket Club

    Cricket is Australia's favourite sport… so let's play!

    Craig Byron (Secretary)
    0404 114 568
    Henry Jeffery Oval, 1 Wauhop Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 535 PALMYRA Australia WA 6957
  • East Fremantle Junior Football Club

    Junior AFL football from Y3 to Y12. Developing junior football within the East Fremantle region. Season commences February each year, playing through to September.

    Peter Keleman (President)
    0425 293 745
    Henry Jeffery Oval EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 43 PALMYRA Australia WA 6957
  • East Fremantle Probus Club

    Meetings will be held at the East Fremantle Bowling Club (Fletcher Street, East Fremantle): 9:30am on the third Wednesday of each month (except December). All active Retirees and Semi-Retirees are welcome to attend

    0408 941 540
  • East Freo Farm Community Garden

    East Freo Farm's Community Garden is located behind 9 Seeds Cafe (121 Marmion Street). The first plantings were in 2011 and the community garden now includes a thriving orchard, multiple communal and private garden beds, worm farms and composting facilities. New members are welcome. Join us to garden with a cross section of community, for interesting and informative workshops, for garden busy bees and more.

    Mr. Ron Kawalilak (Chairperson)
    121 Marmion Street
  • Glyde In Learning Centre

    Glyde-In offers courses, talks and activities in Fremantle. Learning without need of prior knowledge or qualifications. Create lifelong friendships.

    Ann Reeves (Coordinator)
    9339 3964
    42 Glyde Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    42 Glyde Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
  • Hurricane Paddling Crew

    Hurricane Paddling Crew is a paddling club that offers two water sports for ages 12 to 70+. The club offers the opportunity to compete in Outrigger events at local, state and national levels, as well as Dragon Boat events such as the Avon Descent and Classic Paddle. "We are a friendly club and always keen for new paddlers to come and try!". Training is held Tuesday at 6pm, Thursday at 5.45pm and Sunday at 8am.

    Marco Celenza (President)
    0409 050 391
    0438 833 362
    Leeuwin Scout Hall, Riverside Road EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 466 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959
  • Scouts - 1st Fremantle & 1st Leeuwin

    Scouting is about helping young people being the best they can be, developing all facets of life so they can grow to become constructive citizens in their communities. Fun, challenge, adventure and lifelong friendships await those girls and boys, men and women who join Scouts. Learning life skills, growing in self confidence and gaining valuable leadership and team skills are all part of the Scout program.

    Lloyd Owens (Group Leader)
    6240 7700
    Riverside Road & Jerrat Drive EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 211 PALMYRA Australia WA 6157
  • Y Striders

    A not for profit fitness organisation which was founded 20 years ago to bring together people who want to exercise in a friendly, non-competitive environment, particularly senior people. Y Striders encourages members to undertake regular exercise in a positive, supportive environment so that they can stay fit and healthy throughout their life. There is no limit on age, however members are predominantly aged 40+. Each person exercises in a non-competitive environment, building their endurance levels through walking, jogging or running – all under the supervision of experienced trainers. It is a fun approach to staying healthy and fit, with the added bonus of being able to enjoy exciting social adventures with great friends and like-minded people.

    Joanne Freeman (Secretary)
    0481 308 735
    PO Box 556 APPLECROSS Australia WA 6953