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All ages, Community Group, Fitness, Social

0481 308 735
PO Box 556 APPLECROSS Australia WA 6953

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FREE Trial:
Y Striders encourages everyone to take advantage of a 4 week FREE trial before committing to a membership.

A not for profit fitness organisation which was founded 20 years ago to bring together people who want to exercise in a friendly, non-competitive environment, particularly senior people. Y Striders encourages members to undertake regular exercise in a positive, supportive environment so that they can stay fit and healthy throughout their life. There is no limit on age, however members are predominantly aged 40+. Each person exercises at their own level. The exercise regimes include Strength, Walking and Running, all done with qualified trainers. It is a fun approach to staying healthy and fit, with the added bonus of being able to enjoy exciting social adventures with great friends and like-minded people.