The Royal George Hotel was purchased by Saracen Properties Pty Ltd in June 2017 after it was transferred to the State Government from the National Trust. 

Through engagement with the owner and the Heritage Council of WA, the Town identified that the site’s Conservation Management Strategy (developed in conjunction with the Heritage Agreement) - a condition of sale of the land - did not address development controls and mainly focused on the restoration of the Hotel.

To provide statutory development controls, the Town initiated Scheme Amendment No.15 in June 2017. Scheme Amendment No.15 took into consideration the location of the site, its heritage value, and the character and amenity of the surrounding area. It recommended any building at the site be limited to seven (7) storeys, with the provision that a decision-maker could vary all development standards including height.

Amendment No. 15 was advertised for public comment by the Town of East Fremantle from July to September 2017 and received 15 submissions from residents;  all supported seven (7) or less storeys or equivalent building height to the Hotel. At the same time, planning consultants for the owner of the site made a submission to the Town of East Fremantle proposing nine (9) storeys, with a provision for increased height if performance criteria were met. The community submissions included a 115-signature petition, which objected to seven (7) storeys (requesting maximum five (5) storeys) and the associated traffic and parking impacts. Nearly all responses commented on the significant, ongoing traffic and parking issues experienced in the area. 

Council, at a Special Meeting held on 6 June 2018, resolved to support Amendment No. 15 with modifications that  introduced a maximum building height of six (6) storeys (including basement or semi basement parking), building setbacks from Duke Street and the Hotel, no plot ratio control and no parking concessions.   It also included a provision that prohibited the ability for a decision-maker to vary the site’s height and setback.   

To view a copy of the Local Planning Scheme Amendment No. 15 - Royal George Hotel Site click here  

To view a timeline of the Local Planning Scheme Amendment No. 15 Royal George Hotel Site click here                                                                                              

Fig. 1 - Below - Council Concept Drawing – this drawing is an example of what the height limit of 6 storeys may look like under the Town’s proposed Amendment No. 15.

Amendment No.15, with modifications, is now with the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for review and consideration.  WAPC will provide a recommendation to the Minister for Planning, Lands and Heritage. The Minister has the authority to approve, refuse or modify Scheme Amendment No.15.  (To view a copy of Amendment No. 15 adopted by Council click here).