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FOGO Fact Sheet - September 2018

The South Metropolitan Regional Council provides the waste and recycling facility for the Town of East Fremantle.

Update - Changes to Acceptable Items for Recycling 

For all local governments in the Perth Metropolitan Area, there have been changes regarding what can and can’t be recycled in your yellow lid bin.

These changes are part of an effort to reduce contamination and make recycling easier for everyone.

A clear and consistent list of items that go into your kerbside recycling bin will lead to cost effective and improved recycling outcomes for Western Australia.  

For information about these changes, please click here

To view a short informative video, click here

SUEZ Customer Service contact

For all enquiries about your recycling and rubbish kerbside pick up phone the SUEZ customer service contact on (08) 9350 7189.


You can significantly reduce the amount of rubbish you throw out, as well as the amount of garden fertiliser you need to buy, through home composting. It's easy, clean and non-odorous, and helps many nutrients break down naturally.

Compost bins and/or Green Cones and other food digesters can be purchased at the retailer. These come with detailed instructions for use.

The kinds of things which may be composted are:

  • vegetable trimmings
  • egg shells
  • coffee grounds and filters
  • tea bags
  • leaves grass etc
  • vacuum cleaner bag contents
  • sawdust
  • shredded newspapers
  • fireplace ashes

In Green Cones (food digesters):

  • Meat , dairy products and fish can also be added

Green Waste & Bulk Rubbish Collection (Verge Collections)

Council conducts separate greenwaste and bulk refuse collections at various times of the year these collection dates are printed in the information booklet supplied with the rates notices, see download.

  • All tree branches/prunings should be trimmed to a maximum length of 1.5 metres (5ft) and must be put into neat bundles for mulching.
  • Place the tree branches/prunings with cut ends toward the street.
  • Loose materials such as lawn clippings and leaves, etc must NOT be placed in weatherproof boxes or bags (Waste will not be removed if placed in plastic bags).
  • Keep the rubbish clear of your sprinkler systems and do not obstruct the footpath.
  • Do not place greenwaste around the base of trees.

Green Waste

Green Waste includes all tree branches/prunings and cuttings only
Maximum 1 trailer load per household

Bulk Rubbish

Bulk Rubbish includes old furniture, stoves, refrigerators (doors to be removed), iron, tin, wire, odds and ends, and general disused materials

This collection service will not remove motor vehicle bodies, builder's rubble (sand, bricks, cement, etc), inflammable liquids, asbestos and asbestos cement (fibro) sheeting or foodstuffs (putrescible wastes) and (HHW) Household Hazardous Wastes.

In order to participate in this service, you must abide by the following rules (failure to do so will result in your waste NOT being picked up):

The following items WILL be collected:

✔ whitegoods – fridges, stoves, etc (up to 1.5 metres in length)

✔ scrap (furniture & other household items)

✔ timber products (up to 1.5 metres in length)

✔ general junk

✔ mattresses

✔ e-waste (electrical items and computer hardware).

Tip Passes

One tip pass per household is enclosed with each rate notice and can be use for general waste at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park or Green Waste (only) at the RRRC.

The pass is for a 1.8 x 1.2 metre trailer or utility.

To validate the pass simply submit it on arrival at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park or the RRRC, otherwise it will cost you a fee to enter the site.

Please keep your Tip Pass in a safe place as free replacements will not be issued.


Recycling Bin DemonstrationA weekly yellow lid recycling service is now carried out on the same day as your green lid refuse bin is emptied.

All items are to be placed loosely in the bin NOT IN PLASTIC BAGS, this makes it much easier to sort.

  • Please rinse recyclable containers, there is no need to remove labels.
  • Remove tops from plastic bottles.

What to put in your recycle bin

All Glass - Bottles and jars, rinsed with lids removed, broken glass.

All Plastic - Items such as milk, ice cream, detergent, drink and juice containers and cartons, with the lids removed and rinsed.

All Steel, Tin and Aluminium - Place sharp lids in tins and rinse.
Unsoiled foil trays only.

All Paper and Cardboard - Clean newsprint and cardboard, wax cartons and pizza boxes .

What not to put in your recycle bin

  • Green waste such as lawn clippings
  • Liquid of any kind.
  • Paint or chemicals.
  • Car parts, batteries and oil.