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Update 25 March 2020

Our Commitment to Community Health - COVID-19 Pandemic

Town Hall Administration office, Depot Office and Tricolore Community Centre Office and Day Centre Closed 

In the interests of community health and effective from Tuesday 25 March 2020, the Town of East Fremantle’s administration building, the office at the Town’s Depot in Allen Street and the Tricolore Community Centre Office and Day Centre are closed to the public. 

Neighbourhood Link services, such as one-on-one social support and home help, will continue for time being, however are subject to change.

For more information about the Town's response to the Coronovirus situation follow this link

Welcome to Neighbourhood Link

The Town of East Fremantle Neighbourhood Link Commonwealth Home Support  program (formerly HACC) provides a comprehensive range of care services to the frail, aged and people with disabilities living in the Town of East Fremantle and nearby locations.

The program commenced in 1989 and is funded by State and Commonwealth Government initiatives.

The administration building is based at Tricolore Community Centre, Wauhop Road, East Fremantle - near the corner of Presont Point Road. The building is staffed by volunteers and a Community Services Officer and community volunteers.

The Neighbourhood Link program embraces the Wellness Approach to Home and Community Care. This means that our staff, volunteers and students work with our participants in a manner that encourages their enhanced independence, capacity building and wellbeing.

Our staff can be contacted via the Town of East Fremantle (08) 9339 9339 or (08) 9319 3049.