Recently Elected Councillors Sworn In

Published on Wednesday, 25 October 2023 at 10:38:07 AM

Last night our recently elected Councillors were sworn in at a ceremony held in Council Chambers.


Our recently elected Councillors with Mayor Jim O'Neill (centre) - from left to right, Councillor Cliff Collinson (re-elected), Councillor Kerry Donovan (re-elected), Councillor Jenny Harrington (newly elected) and Councillor Tony Natale (re-elected).

Officiated by our Mayor, Jim O'Neill, the ceremony was attended by Freeman Dr David Nelson (OAM) and Suzi Nelson, family and friends of the re-elected and newly elected Councillors, Town Staff and our existing Councillors, Cr Andrew White, Cr Mark Wilson and Cr Andrew McPhail. 

As part of the swearing in ceremony, Councillor Kerry Donovan (re-elected for a four-year term), Councillor Jenny Harrington (elected for a four-year term), Councillor Tony Natale (re-elected for a four-year term) and Councillor Cliff Collinson (re-elected for a two-year term) made their declaration. Councillor-Elect, Lucinda Maywood, is currently overseas.

L-R Councillor Andrew White, Councillor Cliff Collinson, Councillor Kerry Donovan, Mayor Jim O'Neill, Councillor Tony Natale, Councillor Jenny Harrington, Councillor Mark Wilson and Councillor Andrew McPhail.

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