Four Years of FOGOing!

Published on Monday, 11 September 2023 at 1:15:58 PM



What does four years of FOGO look like in East Fremantle? Here are some facts and stats:

  • 5,000 tonnes of food and organic waste has been diverted from landfill - that's the same weight as 25 blue whales!
  • 74,000 tonnes of kerbside FOGO waste has been streamed, sorted and made into compost to be returned to our WA soils (74,000 tonnes from East Fremantle, the City of Melville and City of Fremantle)
  • with help from Purearth and Go Organics, we've turned what you throw, into what we grow, with our parks crew using FOGO compost in local parks and gardens!
As residents, you can also make use of FOGO compost in your gardens by purchasing 25L bags of FOGO compost from the Fremantle Recycling Centre for only $5!
In celebrating Four Years of FOGO, we'd like to thank you, our residents, for your early acceptance of FOGO and strong participation across the Town, achieving consistent recovery rates above 90 percent. Well done East Freo! 

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