East Fremantle Scores High with Residents in Survey - Industry Leading Scores as a Place to Live and Visit

Published on Thursday, 13 May 2021 at 8:49:28 AM

The Town of East Fremantle has received very strong endorsement from its community as a place in which to live and to visit in its most recent biennial community survey.  The research conducted by CATALYSE® through their MARKYT® Scorecard saw 626 community members complete the survey and rate the Town on a broad range of metrics, and whilst results were pleasing there was still scope for improvement.

Highlights include:

  • Overall score of 90/100 as a place to live – the highest rating in the sector in our State;
  • East Fremantle ranked 3rd highest in overall performance out of all local governments in WA;
  • Strong result for Council’s leadership and the articulation of a clear vision for the area,
    as encompassed in the most recent Strategic Community Plan finalised late last year.

The Town has also made good gains in engagement with its community, with the highest-rated electronic newsletter for any WA local government.

The Town recorded above average results for most metrics including:

  • Efforts to promote and adopt sustainable practices to manage climate change;
  • Parks and reserves (high praise was received for the Town’s marine facilities);
  • As a place to own or operate a business;
  • Managing responsible growth and development; and
  • Footpaths and cycleways;

While the Town rated very highly with parents of children aged 0-5 years, the survey identified some areas where the Town needs to improve, including the provision of services for youth. It also showed the Town needed to do better on traffic management on local roads, with a major strategy on movement in the Town due to be released soon, and a need was identified for better services for those with disabilities.

The survey showed the community want Council to invest more in recreation and sport facilities and services, a priority which will be addressed - at least in part - by the vision for the redevelopment of East Fremantle Oval that in January secured a $20 million funding commitment from the State Government.

Mayor Jim O’Neill has welcomed the results, explaining that while he and his fellow Councillors and the CEO and staff have worked hard to serve the community well, there is always the challenge to improve. 

“It is encouraging that our community feel that we have the priorities right and are providing the conditions and services that make East Freo one of Perth’s most liveable places,” he said, “but we want that to be a feeling shared by everyone. We need to further enhance our streetscapes and tree planting as well as our playgrounds, parks and reserves and we are focusing on that.”

“We need to manage sensible growth and development balanced with sustainability, we need to support our business sector and provide inviting and green open spaces where the community can gather and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. We know that most residents actively recreate by walking, cycling and other informal shared activities” Mayor O’Neill said, “and with the help of our team and many volunteers we recommit the Town to focusing exactly on that.”

Full survey results are available here


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