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  • East Fremantle Child Health Clinic

    Clinical Nurse onsite Tuesday to Friday (Child Health) School Nurse onsite Monday (Enuresis Clinic) Central booking line for appointments 1300 749 869.

    9319 2384
    1300 749 869
    Sumpton Green Fletcher Street EAST FREMANTLE WA 6158
  • Glyde In Learning Centre

    Glyde-In offers courses, talks and activities in Fremantle. Learning without need of prior knowledge or qualifications. Create lifelong friendships.

    Jacqui Reeves (Coordinator)
    9339 3964
    42 Glyde Street EAST FREMANTLE WA 6158
  • Lions Club of East Fremantle

    Meets at the Swan Yacht Club or The Beaconsfeild Hotel at 6pm, on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Check by ringing Alan on 0402 499 049.

    0402 499 049
  • Navy League of Australia, WA Division

    Promoting the maintenance of the maritime wellbeing of the nation through encouraging public thinking on maritime matters and creating interest in the sea. Supporting the Australian Navy Cadets.

    CMDR Jim O'Neill ANC RTD (Hon Secretary)
    0413 688 447
    0413 688 447
    Riverside Road EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 735 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6160
  • Town of East Fremantle - Community Engagement Officer

    What is community development? It is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems - the Town of East Fremantle's Coordinator Community Engagement is available as the contact person within the Council Administration for local clubs, groups, businesses and residents.

    08 9339 9339
    0403 458 433
    135 Canning Highway EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 1097 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959