The Town of East Fremantle has a number of beautiful parks and reserves, that are popular locations for Wedding Ceremonies and children's parties. 

Please remember that the Town will endeavour to accommodate your booking request, but the  the final decision will be at Town's discretion.

Applications for a booking or hire must be submitted at least 2 weeks (10 business days) prior to the date of the booking using the Reserves Booking Form. The completed form can be submitted to the Town of East Fremantle in person at 135 Canning Highway East Fremantle, by post to PO Box 1097 Fremantle 6959 or via email admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au

Upon approval of your booking request, a confirmation letter will be provided. The Town will not accept another event booking in that location, on the same day, however please be aware that booking a location for a particular date does not grant you exclusive use of the park and/or reserve no restrictions of access to the area  for members of the public can be put in place at any time.

In addition, the Town has resolved that:

In the interests of reducing litter into the environment, Council bans the planned release of balloons within the Town of East Fremantle on all Town of East Fremantle owned public open space including parks, reserves and the East Fremantle foreshore. If balloons are used in conjunction with the hire of parks and reserves they are to be tied securely and removed at the conclusion of the hire period

Download the Reserves Booking Request Form

For more information please email admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au or phone (08) 9339 9339.

Reserves available for Wedding Ceremonies

Merv Cowan Park

  • Angwin Street, East Fremantle (no toilets)
  • Hiring fee Full Day - $497
  • Hiring fee Half Day (AM or PM) $251.60
  • Hiring fee Per Hour $45.10

Locke Park

  • Fletcher Street, corner Moss Street, East Fremantle (no toilets)
  • Hiring fee Full Day - $497
  • Hiring fee Half Day (AM or PM) $251.60
  • Hiring fee Per Hour $45.10


Reserves for Casual Hire for Children's birthday parties

Raceway Park

  • Richmond Circus, East Fremantle (no toilets)
  • Hiring fee is $45.10 per hour (GST inc)

Glasson Park

  • George Street, East Fremantle
  • Toilets coming soon
  • Hiring fee is $45.10 per hour (GST inc)

Sumpton Green – on weekends only (children’s parties)

  • Available Booking Times: 8.00am – 4.00pm (Saturday and Sunday only)
  • Children’s parties only
  • Maximum of 20 children allowed.
  • Available room facilities - a microwave, electric cook top and a kettle.
  • Toilets
  • All toys and equipment belonging to East Fremantle Playgroup are not eligible for hire.
  • Hiring fee is $45.10 (GST inc) per hour
  • Bond - $300


Conditions of Hire for all Bookings

  • Alcohol and formal catering are not permitted, unless authorised by the Town of East Fremantle.
  • The use of paper confetti is not permitted, however compostable confetti may be approved.
  • Motor vehicles are not permitted to be driven on the park.
  • Non fixed decorations may be used, but are to be removed on conclusion of the event.
  • Any balloons to be used must be tied securely and removed on conclusion of the hire period. The Town of East Fremantle does not support the planed release of balloons.
  • No restrictions on access by members of the public
  • No part of the reserve can be roped off for your exclusive use.
  • Parking of vehicles must comply with signage and the East Fremantle Parking Local Laws.
  • No camel rides permitted.
  • No tent pegs, star pickets or other such spikes are to be used


Use of Bouncy Castle in Reserves

If you want a Bouncy Castle on a town of East Fremantle Reserve, you must seek permission required in writing when the booking application is submitted. You must provide the following:

  • The hiring companies Certificate of Currency of Public Liability Insurance to cover the date of hire
  • A copy of WorkSafe Registration / Class 1 Certification of the Bouncy Castle

Please note that Bouncy castle must supply their own power and can only be weighed down with sand bags