Urban Streetscape & Public Realm Style Guide (Closed)

The Town of East Fremantle has prepared this future public works planning Guide to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout the Town.

The community is asked to provide feedback on this document prior to endorsement by Council.

Purpose of the Guide:
1. CONSISTENCY To provide a consistent style and design palette for future works to the public realm and streetscape.
2. CHARACTER To present design guidelines that enhance and celebrate the Town’s unique character, recognising and responding to identified areas or precincts of a similar nature.
3. SAFETY & COMFORT To create comfortable and safe places for people to use which encourage walking, cycling and use of public transport.
4. QUALITY To provide clear guidance to those involved in designing and constructing public realm spaces on the quality of design expected.

Summary of the Guide:
1. PROTECTED HERITAGE & ENHANCED CHARACTER Enhancing and celebrating the Town’s heritage and character, recognising and responding to individual precincts.
2. IMPROVED STREETSCAPES Safer and more accessible streetscapes for all ages, with an increased tree canopy for greener, more shaded, cooler streets.
3. QUALITY A consistent approach to the quality of finishes that can be utilised broadly across the Town.
4. STRATEGIC VISION &DIRECTION Strengthening the Town’s Strategic Vision, and aligning with Community Scorecard feedback.
5. CONSOLIDATION A consistent and consolidated palette of materials, with a clear direction and rationale for design decisions within the Town.

There are 7 precincts within the Guide, each of which has an individual information sheet in addition to the overall Guide.

1. Plympton Precinct
2. Raceway Precinct
3. Richmond Hill Precinct
4. Richmond Precinct
5. Riverside Precinct
6. Town Centre Precinct
7. Woodside Precinct

The Urban Streetscape & Public Realm Style Guide can be downloaded here.

Thank you to the residents who attended the drop-in session (Thursday 29 October 2020) to view the Guide and discuss it with the experts.

Contact Details

Name: Regulatory Services

Phone: 9339 9339

Email: admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au