In an Australian first, from Tuesday 5 June 2018 , the Town of East Fremantle waste contractor SUEZ will utilise newly installed surveillance systems in all waste trucks used in the Town.

The waste trucks servicing the Town of East Fremantle will be able to obtain information about the services provided by SUEZ such as:

  • tracking and mapping the vehicle location
  • verify service delivery and service exceptions
  • records and photographs of bin contamination, overloads, non presentations and additional bin presentations.

In addition, cameras or Drive Cam Cameras, have been fitted to the vehicles to assist with continuing to improve driver behaviour, ensure drivers operate the vehicles safely and reinforcing road safety behaviour for all stakeholders.

The aim of the new technology is to provide accurate data in relation to waste pick ups and contamination,  as well as working toward continuous improvement and safety in the Town.

For further details, click here for a copy of the Information Sheet provided by SUEZ.

For queries regarding your waste collection contact SUEZ customer service contact number is 9350 7189.