The Town of East Fremantle signals its move into the future with the creation of a brand-new logo. The new logo was the result of the Council reflecting on the need to celebrate and reinforce the community passion and refresh the Town’s logo.

“It is modern and relevant. It includes the key elements that make up the Town as a connected and engaging place to live. We will still continue to use the Crest in an official capacity, but the new logo will help us strengthen the Town’s image.” - Mayor Jim O’Neill

The new logo takes inspiration from the surrounding Swan River, with the colours portraying the area as positive, progressive, clean and welcoming.

The elements of the logo combine to portray the Town as a lifestyle destination and promote the community as a pleasant place to both live and visit.

The flowing lines represent the Swan River, the swan symbolises the surrounding fauna, the sails denote the aquatic lifestyle, and the sun signifies the bright and positive community.

The elements on the right side include two different figures symbolising the active and diverse community, along with the structured buildings representing the riverside businesses.

Furthermore, the modern font portrays the Town as a relaxed, vibrant and welcoming community. The fading of turquoise, dark blue and greener shades reinforces the Town’s identity as a community surrounded by incredible natural beauty, notably the Swan River and local parks.