Community First Responder resources

Updated 25 June 2020

The Town of East Fremantle continues its commitment to improving community safety and is proud to have one of the highest ratios of defibrillators to residents in Western Australia.  

Through community collaboration East Fremantle has increased the number of external Defibs (easily accessible 24 hours a day) from zero to 12.

Town of East Fremantle Defib Fact Sheet (includes the location map picture below)

Interested in familiarising yourself with how to use a defibrillator? St John WA DON'T BE AFRAID TO DEFIB video 

Community members are also encouraged to download the free St John Ambulance First Responder app. Visit St John WA website  for more information.

The app has a range of resources:

  • First Aid Instruction Guide – helping you to treat a range of injuries and illnesses;
  • GPS Triple Zero Calling – calling 000 from the app will send your GPS coordinates directly to the St John State Operation Centre, making it easier for an ambulance to locate you;
  • Defibrillator Locator – showing all the defibrillator locations near you;
  • Medical Servicer Locator – highlighting the nearest medical centres and emergency departments;

Another feature is its unique first responder capability.  The app allows qualified first aiders to sign up as a first responder and be notified when someone has called 000 for an ambulance within 500 metres of their current location in order that they can provide assistance.

Town of East Fremantle External Defibrillator Map