Change rooms cater for successful club

Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2024 at 6:34:00 AM

Perhaps WA's biggest women's soccer club, based right here in East Fremantle's Wauhop Park, is Fremantle City Football Club.

It now has eight senior women's teams, including a National Premier League team and a Division 1 team, and 17 junior teams for girls aged eight to 16. 

David Cain, the Club's board director responsible for women's and girl's football, said the popularity was based on the club's focus on developing a range of pathways for women and girls.

"We cater for players who want to seriously pursue football and those who just want to kick the ball with friends," he said. "We're a club that helps those girls who want to play at an elite level but we also provide plenty of spots for girls who want to enjoy the many benefits of community sport."

In 2015, East Fremantle Tricolore and Fremantle United merged, creating one of the biggest women's football clubs in WA.

Traditionally, the changerooms only catered for men. So, a $1.089 million project is now underway to provide changerooms for female players. The long-time changerooms have been demolished, making way for new buildings, with an anticipated completion date in August 2024.

"The old changerooms were built decades ago without considering the needs of female players, so we really appreciate the new changerooms which are under construction," David Cain said.

The new changerooms are funded by the State Government ($800,000), the football club ($109,090.91) and the Town of East Fremantle ($180,210.09).

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Photo credit Ines Lafuente. 

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