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Town of East Fremantle Public Art Strategy

On 19 September 2017 the Town of East Fremantle adopted their first Public Art Strategy, "Residence to River". The overarching vision for the Strategy is to develop public art to assist in creating places that are valued by the community and visitors, and relate clearly to the identity of East Fremantle.

Current Projects

As per the four year Action Plan:

  • Richmond Raceway Trotting Booths - complete.
  • Glasson Park Basketball Wall Mural - underway(scheduled for completion December 2020).
  • Silas Street Roundabout - to be undertaken in early 2021

'Residence to River' Public Art Strategy

Endorsed by Council on 19 September 2017. To view a copy of 'Residence to River' Public Art Strategy - 2017 click here 

The Town of East Fremantle values public art as a means of celebrating the identity and history of the community, enhancing the environment and contributing to a sense of place.

The curatorial approach of this strategy explores the idea of Residence to River.

This idea underpins the thematic concepts and informs the methodology.

Residence to River presents three themes: Discover; Connect; and Encounter. These themes relate to East Fremantle’s natural, social and cultural heritage and the current and future uses of local places.

The project area has been divided into five distinct domains Foreshore, Leeuwin Barracks, Town Centre, George Street and Neighbourhoods. These domains have been assigned opportunities that reflect the particularity of the locales and the way that people relate to and use these areas.

Town of East Fremantle Public Art Panel

Following the adoption of the Public Art Strategy, Council appointed a Public Art Panel.

The role of the Public Art Panel is to oversee and make recommendations to the Council on matters related to:

  •  the strategic direction, policy and public program matters of the Town of East Fremantle Public Art Strategy;
  •  the development of public art project briefs;
  • the de-accession, relocation, removal and disposal of public artworks; and
  • to assess and determine the suitability of percent for public art proposals submitted in accordance with the Town’s Percent for Public Art Policy
  • Consider the recommendations of specialist selection panels
  • Assess the implementation of the public art annual action plan.

View a copy of the Public Art Panel Policy here

Public Art Panel Members and Activities

Click here for more information about the Public Art Panel activities  

New Public Art Installations

Hubble Street Mural - 2018 - Corner Hubble and George Streets, East Fremantle

Window Installation - June 2019 - Corner Petra Street and Canning Highway, East Fremantle

Richmond Raceway - August 2020 - George Booth Park and Marjorie Green Park, East Fremantle

About our Artists

Town of East Fremantle Artists - find our more about the Artists in our Town.