New Art Installation Coming Soon

Published on Thursday, 18 March 2021 at 4:31:00 PM

A new, quirky and colourful visual feature will be added to the Town of East Fremantle streetscape when our latest public art work is installed on the corner of Silas Street and St Peters Road.

The purpose of this project is to install a unique and memorable landmark artwork that creates a focal point for the East Fremantle Town Centre.  This piece will be an entry statement that:

  • captures the spirit of East Fremantle;
  • reinforces the Town Centre as a unique location where people work, shop, recreate and visit; and
  • interprets aspects of the area’s unique cultural heritage.

In October 2019, expressions of interest were called for from WA-based artists and concept designs were commissioned by the Town's Public Art Panel for the location which is a central transit point close to the Town's commercial centre.

A unanimous decision was made at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 16 March 2021 to accept Public Art Panel’s recommendation to engage Judith Forrest and Dan Gentle to install their work.  A full report on the work and the reasons behind the Panel’s recommendation are available online

Silas St art installation

Artist’s concept of the new artwork that will be installed on the corner of Silas Street and St Peters Road

About the Work
The new art installation is described as “fun, quirky and whimsical, depicting Town centre life portraying a sense of community and belonging. A localised, colourful and inviting approach to the landscape.”

A fact sheet on the new work is available online

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