Registers, Declarations of Interest & Public Interest Disclosure

In the interests of openness and transparency, please find below links to the various Registers required to be kept by the Town of East Fremantle.

Register of Primary & Annual Returns

Register of Gifts and Travel (Elected Members & CEO)

Register of Gifts (employees)

Register of Electoral Gifts

All gifts must be disclosed in writing to the CEO within 10 days of being received and must be published on the Town's website.  

Register of Fees and Allowances Paid to Elected Members 

Register of Minor Breaches

Records complaints of minor breaches defined in the Local Government Act 1995, Section 5.105

Register of Training and Professional Development for Elected Members

The Local Government Act 1995 requires:

  • each elected member to complete training in accordance with the Act (s5.126)
  • the CEO to publish a report on the local government’s website within one month of the end of each financial year detailing the mandatory training completed by elected members (s5.127)
  • a local government to prepare and adopt a policy in relation to the continuing professional development of elected members (s5.128)


Register 2019/20

Register 2020/21

Register 2021/22

Declarations of Interest

Declarations of Interest - Financial, Proximity, Indirect Financial & Impartiality

The online register of Interest Disclosures by Council Members and Staff at Ordinary and Special Council and Committee Meetings.

Register of Interest Disclosures 2018/2019

Register of Interest Disclosures 2019/2020

Register of Interest Disclosures 2020/2021

Register of Interest Disclosures 2021/2022

Public Interest Disclosure

What is a Public Interest Disclosure?

Public Interest Disclosures (PID) also referred to as 'whistleblowing', is the reporting of improper conduct within local government, state public sector and public universities.

A disclosure is not just a general complaint. It must relate to something that affects the rights, health or finances of the public; and must show serious wrong doing by a public authority, staff member or contractor when performing their job.

Disclosures can be made about a number of serious issues, including corruption, misuse of public resources, dishonest administration, or danger to public health and safety.

For guidance, key documents relating to Public Interest Disclosures are available below, including:

Town of East Fremantle Public Interest Disclosure Procedure

Public Interest Disclosure Lodgement Form

Public Interest Disclosure Consent to Disclose Identity Form