Fremantle Traffic Bridge Replacement Proposal Supported

Published on Wednesday, 27 March 2024 at 12:00:00 PM

For more details on the relocation of services from the Fremantle Traffic Bridge currently underway please go to the Main Roads WA website using the following link. Main Roads WA Project Update

The Town of East Fremantle Council has adopted a recommendation to support the development to replace the Fremantle Traffic Bridge with a caveat that the Town be involved in the preparation of management plans to lessen any negative impacts.

The recommendation to support the State Development Assessment Unit proposal was put to a sitting of ordinary council on 20 February resulting in the Town now preparing a submission to the Western Australian Planning Commission that supports the proposal in principle.

While the Town supports the proposal in principle, there remains several significant factors that have the potential to impact the Town during the construction phase. The preconstruction phase will require greater consideration and management of the potential traffic impacts, which is why the Town proposes conditions be set to ensure its involvement in the preparation and approval of management plans.

The current development application proposes to replace the Fremantle Traffic Bridge with a new bridge that includes four lanes for vehicle traffic, a principal shared path, pedestrian footpath, and public realm improvements.

The application addresses previous concerns raised by the Town regarding the intersection of the new bridge and Canning Highway which allows for the current traffic movements to continue, removes the need to realign Canning Highway to Beach Street, and allows for Beach Street to remain open to traffic from Riverside Road (no cul-de-sac proposed).

This proposal is considered to provide a more positive outcome for the Town than previous proposals. However, some concerns still exist in relation to the temporary traffic management that is proposed during the construction period.

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