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  • Town of East Fremantle - Community Development

    What is community development? It is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems - the Town of East Fremantle's Economic & Community Development Officer is available as the contact person within the Council Administration.

    135 Canning Highway EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 1097 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959
  • Club Hub

    General information for local clubs

    Karen Dore (Economic & Community Development Officer)
  • The Royal George Redevelopment

    For information only.

  • Food Recalls

    Please visit the Food Standards website - - for information regarding current food recalls.

  • Night Legal - Community Law Service

    Night Legal Service is a free and confidential service where clients can receive one off advice on family and civil law matters. The service operates on Monday and Thursday evenings. Geographical restrictions and income limits are not imposed on clients who access the Night Legal Service. Clients have the option of a face to face appointment (East Victoria Park) or phone appointment. The advice is provided by private solicitors who kindly volunteer their time and services. Appointments for this service are booked through our day service reception by calling 6253 9500 or emailing

    6253 9500
  • Act Belong Commit

    Act-Belong-Commit is a unique, evidence-based mental health promotion program applicable to the whole community. It was created in Western Australia, and has now expanded to other states and globally. In essence, Act-Belong-Commit aims to increase individual and community wellbeing by increasing and strengthening connections between community members.