Online Form - Proposed George Street Designated Heritage Area

George Street is considered an important heritage area within the historic Plympton Precinct that is worthy of protection.  The Council wishes to see George Street as a heritage area to ensure that all development will complement the heritage nature of the majority of buildings and not result in development that detracts from the character of the street or does not recognise the important historic links of the older buildings in the area. 

The heritage buildings in George Street set East Fremantle apart from many other areas across the Perth metropolitan area and adds character and distinctiveness to the area. It promotes a greater sense of place.  East Fremantle encourages the preservation of heritage, but shows that heritage can flourish alongside more modern development.

Your comments in response to Council’s initiative to designate this section of George Street as a heritage area are welcomed.  Should you have any enquiries regarding the proposal please contact Senior Planner, Christine Catchpole on 9339 9319.

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