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A crossover is located between the road edge and the property line. Crossovers are primarily constructed to allow access to your property, help to reduce erosion of the verge area and provide pedestrians with a safer area to walk. A properly constructed crossover will also enhance the streetscape and property value.

Please use the below online form to submit a crossover application.

Crossover Property Details

Proposed Works

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Proposed Material:
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Crossover Site Diagram

Please provide a plan showing the site, noting existing street trees, footpath, public utilities, drainage infrastructure, signage, stormwater runoff retention, location and dimensions of the crossover

Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB

Please Note

  • No works are to commence prior to issue of approval
  • Building / Planning approval is not approval to conduct crossover works
  • Footpaths are to run through the crossover
  • Crossover stormwater to be captured by grate, pipe and pit. This is to be shown on the plans 
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to engage the services of a competent contractor who adheres to the Town’s crossover specifications
  • Crossover works carried out without approval will be deemed unauthorised
  • All crossovers must have access to behind the property line.
  • Redundant crossovers must be removed at time of new crossover installation
  • Verge levels are not to be modified without prior written approval

Acceptance and Form Submission

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