Code of Conduct 

Elected members and staff of the Town of East Fremantle work to the highest standards of ethics and behaviour.

Codes of Conduct set out guidelines for elected members and employees for an acceptable standard of professional conduct.

Code of Conduct - Elected Members, Committee Members and Candidates

Code of Conduct - Employees

Attendance at Events

In accordance with s5.90A of the Local Government Act 1995, a local government must prepare and adopt a policy that deals with matters relating to the attendance of council members and the CEO at events, including –

(a)       the provision of tickets to events; and

(b)       payments in respect of attendance; and

(c)       approval of attendance by the local government and criteria for approval; and

(d)       any prescribed matter.

1.1.7 Attendance at Events

Corporate Values

Our elected members and staff are also guided by our RITE Corporate Values, which are


Being courteous at all times and valuing the views and opinions of others by having due regard to their rights and responsibilities.


Holding oneself to consistent standards exemplified by being honest and having a strong moral code, upholding the reputation of the organisation.


Working together to achieve agreed outcomes by building and sustaining a high performance work environment underpinned by trust and commitment.


Willing to develop an understanding of someone's concerns and consider their needs and feelings in working with them to address work related issues and solve problems.