The Left Bank Dog Alfresco Area (Closed)

Council at its meeting held on 17 November 2020 resolved to advertise a proposed alfresco area for public comment.

The proposal is for a new alfresco area at the front of The Left Bank on Riverside Road, East Fremantle. The proposal seeks permission for alfresco dining on the site’s verge, including access for dogs when accompanied by their owners.  Dog access will be only at the zone specified in the proposal (not at the venue throughout).

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Specifically, they are proposing:

  • the creation of a fenced alfresco area on Riverside Road, along approximately 27 metres of the front verge of the venue (approximately in the area between the Norfolk Pines).
  • the area will be serviced with food and beverage as per the rest of the venue. Signage will be placed at each end of the alfresco area to ensure patrons are aware of the extent of the licensed area.
  • The alfresco area will be operated as “dog friendly”, however all patrons will be permitted in this location. In keeping with local laws, dogs in the area will need to be under the control of their owners at all times.
  • The proposed alfresco section is approximately 125sqm in area, with some reductions in usable space due to trees. It will abut the limestone wall at the front of the venue and extend to the road. Note that the current footpath is earmarked to be removed/sealed off as part of their proposal, but consideration is also being given by the Town to creating a separate footpath from Andrew’s Road connecting through to Bicentennial Falls adjoining the road to the outside of the proposed alfresco area – however the viability of this component is dependent upon usage and need.
  • The alfresco area is intended for use by approximately 40-60 patrons.
  • The alfresco area will be fenced in its entirety, with entry points controlled by gates.
  • Fixed tables will be located in the area, umbrellas will be utilised and water bowls will be provided for dogs.
  • The Left Bank will be seeking an extended trading permit to allow the sale of alcohol in this area. An Extended Trading Permit from the Department of Racing Gaming & Liquor will be required.

The Town invites interested parties to provide any feedback before the closing date of 4pm, 29 January 2021.

Written comments are to be addressed to PO Box 1097, Fremantle WA 6959 or emailed to marked “The Left Bank Alfresco Area”.

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