Cat Registrations & Renewals

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Cat registration renewal notices are forwarded to cat owners each year in October.

Payment can be made in person at the Council offices or complete the back of the renewal notice and mail it to the Town. 

For new registrations or if you are moving from one local government area to another, you are required to complete a Cat Registration form as well as provide a copy of the National Database Microchip Certificate.  For transferring of pets you are also required to provide a  copy of the Registration Certificate from the Council the pet is transferring from.  If you have any queries regarding this process please contact the Town on 9339 9339 or

The provisions listed below are taken from the West Australian Cat Act (2011) for the general information of both current and prospective cat owners and the Town of East Fremantle strongly recommends that all current and prospective cat owners access and become conversant with the full provisions of the Cat Act via the State Law Publishers website.

From the 1 November 2013, the full Cat Act 2011 requires all cats that have reached 6 months of age to be:


The owner of a cat that has reached 6 months of age must ensure that the cat is microchipped.  Proof of microchipping must be documented and presented for inspection at time of registration.

Penalty: A fine of $5,000


The owner of a cat that has reached 6 months of age must ensure that the cat is sterilised by a veterinarian. Proof of sterilisation must be documented and presented for inspection at time of registration

Penalty: A fine of $5,000

Registered with the relevant Local Government Authority

The owner of a cat that has reached 6 months of age must ensure that the cat is registered with the Local Government Authority in whose district the cat is ordinarily kept.

Penalty: A fine of $5,000

Cats must wear a collar and Local Government Authority registration tags at all times in order to ensure that the cat can be easily identified and owners located

The owner of a registered cat must ensure that when the cat is in a public place the cat is wearing its Local Government Authority registration tag.

Penalty: A fine of $5,000

Standard Sterilised Male or Female Cat Registration Fees:

1 year 3 years Lifetime
$20.00 $42.50 $100.00

Pensioners Sterilised Male or Female Cat Registration Fees:

1 year 3 years Lifetime
$10.00 $21.25 $50.00

Keeping Cats Happy at Home

The Cat Owner Education Program provides lots of information on why cats are best kept safe at home, and lots of tips to help you cat live a long, happy and healthy life at home

 View information on the Cat Owner Education Program

Cats may be seized

An authorised person may:

  1. in any public place, seize any cat that the authorised person believes, or suspects, on reasonable grounds is the subject of an offence against this Act; or
  2. in any premises lawfully entered by the authorised person, seize any cat:
    1. at the request, or with the consent, of the person who is, or appears to be , the owner or occupier of the premises; or
    2. (under a warrant issued under Part 4, Division 3, Subdivision 3 of the 2011 Cat Act.

General Powers of an Authorised Person

In the performance of a function under this Act, an authorised person may do any one or more of the following -

  1. set traps for cats in or on public place or any premises lawfully entered;
  2. examine, including by scanning, a cat to determine if the cat is subject to an offence against this Act;
  3. in any premises lawfully entered, as is reasonably required in order to investigate or collect evidence that an offence is being, or has been, committed against this act-
    1. examine, seize, copy or take extracts from any documents relevant to the offence; or
    2. take photographs, films and audio, video or other recordings relevant to the offence; or
    3. direct a person to answer questions; or
    4. take any other action that the authorised person believes, on reasonable grounds, is necessary.


A person must not delay, threaten, obstruct or otherwise hinder an authorised person in the performance of a function by that person under this Act.

Penalty: A fine of $5,000

Cat and Wildlife - How you can protect both Cats and Wildlife 

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Cat Refuge Details:

Address: South Perth Animal Care Facility, 199 Thelma Street, Como
Telephone: (08) 9474 0777

Due to COVID-19 by appointment only.  Standard Hours Monday – Sunday 12pm-3pm

Public Holidays 12pm – 1pm

(please note that the Facility may be closed during public holidays depending on operational requirements.

Closed: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday 
Impound fee: Refer to schedule of fees and charges
Sustenance fee: Refer to schedule of fees and charges

The Animal Care Facility also offers an advisory service for owners of dangerous pets and those that are no longer safe in the community. The South Perth Facility is equipped with heating and cooling, and play equipment for cats. Fresh linen is provided to all animals to ensure they are kept in a warm safe environment along with good quality food for daily feeds. 

If your cat has been impounded, you are required to pay a fee prior to release and a daily sustenance fee for the upkeep of your pet. It is also a requirement that if your cat is not microchipped, then it must be microchipped prior to release. Similarly, if your cat is not registered, you must also register them prior to release. If the cat is registered you will need to provide proof of this.

Approval to Breed Cats

Download Application Form to Breed Cats

If you wish to breed cats you are required to seek approval from the Town.  All cats in Western Australia are required to be sterilised unless they are owned by an approved cat breeder for the purpose of breeding.

You will be considered a cat breeder even if you only intend to breed one litter from your cat.  

When selling or giving away a cat, legislation states that it must be microchipped and sterilised prior to the transfer of ownership.  If the cat is too young to be sterilised, you must provide a prepaid sterilisation voucher to the new owner.

To be eligible for approval you must

  • be over 18 years old
  • have sufficient facilities, and suitable premises, to breed cats in a safe and ethical way
  • be a fit and proper person to breed cats
  • be a current member of a prescribed cat organisation.

You will be ineligible for approval if you have been convicted of two or more offences under animal legislation in the past 3 years.  You may also be ineligible for registration if you have been issued with an infringement notice under the cat legislation within the past 12 months.

Prescribed cat organisations are:

  • Cat Owners Association of Western Australia (COAWA)
  • Feline Control Council of Western Australia (FCCWA)
  • Australian National Cats (ANCATS).


The cost for breeding is $100.00 per breeding cat.