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Welcome to Town of East Fremantle

This website is designed to assist local residents, businesses and visitors and will be updated constantly to help keep our community informed.

Recent Headlines
Town rejects proposed Perth Freight Link
Date: 23/6/2015

Town of East Fremantle has voted to reject the proposed Perth Freight Link and work with the City of Fremantle to urge the Government to rethink the current proposal, and seek information on alternatives that provide a higher long term cost/benefit to freight movement to Fremantle Port.

Council also agreed to provide in kind support for the alliance of community groups to run their campaign against the Perth Freight Link, and to promote awareness of the ‘Rethink the Link' on the Town's Facebook page and website. Council will strongly advocate on the Town's behalf about concerns including traffic noise and pollution; pedestrian and cycle access as well as connectivity and traffic congestion in the Town.

The Rethink Perth Freight Link alliance has launched a Crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to purchase signs for people to place on their fences. The campaign is running for another 13 days, so it is important to get as many donations as possible.

To donate go to

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Meeting Schedule 2015/16
Date: 17/6/2015

Council at its meeting on 16 June 2015 resolved to adopt its meeting schedule for the 2015/16 financial year.

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Notice of Intention to Impose Differential Rates
Date: 17/6/2015

In accordance with Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995, the Town of East Fremantle invites public submissions in respect of the proposed differential general rates or minimum payments.

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Town Planning Scheme 3 - Proposed Amendment No 11
Date: 4/6/2015

Council at its meeting held on 17 March 2015 resolved to endorse the public notification (including a mail out to all affected property owners) of Amendment No. 11 to TPS No. 3 comprising the change of R-Code density provisions for the Richmond and Richmond Hill Precincts from R12.5 to R17.5.

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Town Planning Scheme No 3 Amendment No 10
Date: 13/5/2015

Council at its meeting held on 17 March 2015 resolved to adopt Town Planning Scheme No 3 Amendment No 10. The document has now been submitted to the Minister for Planning for final approval.

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Local Planning Policy - Residential Design Guidelines regarding Roofing Material
Date: 8/4/2015

On 17 March 2015 Council resolved to adopt proposed changes to the ‘Local Planning Policy  - Residential Design Guidelines’. The changes clarify where the "like for like material replacement" will be required in respect to roofs on existing houses.

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East Fremantle Residents say No to Amalgamation
Date: 9/2/2015

The poll result on Saturday 7 February 2015 was 76% no to the question "Should the City of Fremantle and Town of East Fremantle be abolished and amalgamated to form a new local government".

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Community Perceptions Survey 2014
Date: 24/10/2014

The Community Perceptions Report is the result of community consultation in earlier in the year to help the Town of East Fremantle understand the needs of its residents. The report found that 97% percent of residents were satisfied with the town as a place to live and 67% were satisfied with the Town of East Fremantle as a governing organisation.

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