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The Niergarup Track

The Niergarup Track runs along the clifftop in East Fremanlte, affording outstanding views of the Swan River and its foreshores. It commences at Merv Cowan Park and continues northwards to steps that lead down to Riverside Road, linking up with the foreshore path which continues around to Petra Street.

The Niergarup Track was built in 2001 as a WA 2001 Community Centenary Project. (It was originally referred to as the "East Fremantle Federation Trail".) "Niergarup" is Nyoongar for "the place where pelicans meet" and was the name the Nyoongar Aborigines gave to Preston Point in what is now East Fremantle.

The trail offers magnificent views of the river and foreshore including views of the sites which were highly significant in WA's early history and development prior to and subsequent to the Federation of Australia in 1901.

This includes sites relating to aboriginal use of the land, the river as the colony's major transport system, boat building activities on the foreshore which gave birth to some of the river's most famous boats and steamers, the original river crossing linking Fremantle and Perth - this was a dirt road which terminated at a ferry crossing point at Preston Point, Fremantle Harbour - CY O'Connor's major achievements, the first road bridge ("bridge of sticks"), industry and primary production in the area at the time of Federation.

Interpretive plaques along the trail describe the cultural significance of the various sites in terms of Aboriginal history and culture.

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