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Town of East Fremantle to be 100% nbn ready by December 8th 2017 - 2 months early 

nbn has brought forward the construction and go live of the nbn within the Town of East Fremantle by over two months, it’s now expected that 100% of the Town will be nbn ready on the the 8th December. This is great news for residents and the local business community and as a resident of East Fremantle I’m hugely excited and can’t wait!

Further details and maps below.

The Town of East Fremantle is covered by the nbn “Palmyra” nbn rollout regions – 6PMY-21 and 6PMY-20, from the map below the orange line is the Council boundary and the blue squiggly line is the boundary of the two rollout areas.

  • 6PMY-20 – is due to be switched on September 1st 2017 - live
  • 6PMY-21 – is now on schedule to be switched on December 8th 2017 – originally due  February 12th 2018

 Residents are encouraged to check their address via