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Get to Know FOGO

In July 2019, the Town of East Fremantle will roll out a new three-bin Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) system. By providing residents with more opportunity to separate their waste, we can create a high quality clean compost, send less waste to landfill and reduce processing costs. 

So how will the new bin system work and what goes in each of the bins?

Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bin 
During the rollout, households will receive a brand new 240L lime green lid bin for all food and garden organic (FOGO) materials. This bin will be collected weekly and turned into a high-quality compost. 
Residents will also receive a small kitchen caddy and supply of fully compostable liners to help separate food waste in the kitchen.  

General Waste bin
Alongside the new FOGO bin, households will also receive a smaller 140 red lidded bin for general waste items that can’t be composted or recycled, which will be collected fortnightly. 
Your old dark-green topped General Waste bin will be taken away and repurposed throughout the Town or sent for recycling into new bins. 

Recycling bin
Your recycling bin will remain; however, it will now be collected fortnightly. Larger 360 litre Recycling bins can be made available upon request following the rollout. 

More information on FOGO will be provided over the next few weeks.  View the current fact sheet here and keep an eye on your letterbox in June for more specific information about how the rollout will work.